Brushed With Light is the perfect title of the beautiful series of watercolor works by American masters found in the upper lobby of The Frist Center For Visual Art through July 22.

Watercolors bring back childhood memories. The early years of exploration in all of us is mirrored in the early American explorer’s practice of pictorial mapping. Of the more than eighty watercolors on view, the selection from Brooklyn's Museum, offers major artists, watercolor specialists and a sampling of lesser-known figures.

My personal favorite who has moved me off the large canvas and onto paper in my own studio is the John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) In a Levantine Port, ca. 1905-1906.  It is transparent watercolor with touches of opaque watercolor over graphite on off-white, thick, rough-textured wove paper 12 1/16 x 18 1/8 inches. You will find it on the cover of the helpful booklet provided at the gallery entrance.

Do not miss the opportunity to see these beautiful works in the upper level gallery.

Estel Gallery is pleased to announce a comprehensive July 10-14 showing titled A Pictorial History of Wishful Thinking featuring the narrative works on wood by Nashville Artist Harry. Harry's art work is in the collections of Sheryl Crow, Bill Bennett and Gary Gersh.  I like Harry’s work and he does seem to be showing everywhere I like to be. If you haven’t caught the vision yet, don’t miss this opportunity.

Tony Teal’s A Nashville Neighborhood is on display in the West Gallery at The Parthenon through September 15. This East Nashville artist finds inspiration in his neighborhood and its diverse residents. The few small blocks surrounding his house provide his subject matter, resulting in portraits, city views and botanicals that offer glimpses of his eclectic neighborhood.

For some self promotion, please visit my VanReece Summer Sale Mix Bag. Forty percent off works at the Provence at Round About Plaza Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. through August 15. 

Have a wonderful July ya’ll; stay cool and bring out the watercolors. I hope to see you next month at the Tomato Art Festival and Shakespeare in The Park!

Photo courtesy of Red Bull

Red Bull Unlocked Nashville

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Photo courtesy of Rumble Boxing Gulch Nashville

Rumble Boxing Gulch, Nashville

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