Currently, same-sex couples in Tennessee cannot be legally married. But that isn’t stopping committed couples from going to other parts of the US (and world) to say ‘I Do.' Currently Gay Faves lawyer Abby Rubenfeld, along with the National Center for Lesbian Rights, are fighting for out-of-state marriages to be recognized by Tennessee.  In the meantime, meet some O&AN readers who have been married across the world:

Married for: 2.5 years

Met their spouse/partner: online

Place they chose to be married in: Washington DC

Best Relationship Story/Memory: One night, after we had been dating for a few years but before we were married, my husband needed to do some laundry and so we headed out to a laundromat in West Nashville. While the clothes were washing we sat in the laundromat and read each other stories out of the local newspaper and talked about nothing in particular. Nothing too special but we really enjoyed just getting to spend some time together. The first time we celebrated Valentines Day after our wedding we grabbed up a bunch of our dirty clothes and headed out to the same laundromat. What makes our relationship great is being able to appreciate the most simple and basic parts of it.

Worst Relationship Story/Memory: Can't really think of one. We have our disagreements and we don't always see things eye to eye but we are both willing to talk about anything and everything and make compromises so that no issue ever has a chance of becoming bad enough to matter.

Married for: 3 months; partnered 29 years

Met their spouse/partner: we were introduced through mutual friends 29 years ago

Place they chose to be married in: Maryland

Wedding Tale: My sisters planned this big outside reception and we told them they could do almost anything they wanted except NO RAINBOWS! Well, along came a rain shower and what do you know, a rainbow came out and my sisters just looked at us and laughed!

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Married for: 1.7 years

Met their spouse/partner: Plenty of Fish

Place they chose to be married in: Washington, DC

Best Relationship Story/Memory: She was trying to be sweet and bake a cake from scratch and didn't have the right flour. The cake exploded all over the oven and she was so embarrassed. I fell in love with her!

Worst Relationship Story/Memory: We don’t have one. 

Married for: 3 months; Partnered for 15 years

Met their spouse/partner: I facilitated Magnet (Married and Gay Network) and Gary came to a meeting.

Place they chose to be married in: Massachussets

Best Relationship Story/Memory: Before we were legally married, we celebrated the date of our first meeting (September 1) every month with a special anniversary card.

Best Valentine’s Gift: I bought Gary a special ring for our first Christmas.  He wanted to get me one for Valentine's Day and accidentally found the same ring I got him, so we have matching rings.

Married for: 4 months; partnered for more than 30 years

Met their spouse/partner: through a mutual friend

Place they chose to be married in: Iowa

Best Relationship Story/Memory: We were introduced 32 years ago by a very masculine heterosexual combat Marine. We have rehabbed 5 homes together since, and are now retired.

Worst Relationship Story/Memory: When Dennis My partner Dennis got very ill and needed surgeries. It was very difficult.

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Married for: 5 years

Met their spouse/partner:

Place they chose to be married in: California, before Prop 8

Best Relationship Story/Memory: When my husband was behind me 100%, no questions asked about my career choice. He sacrificed so much to help me go through school to fulfill a dream.

Worst Relationship Story/Memory: One night, after having too many drinks, we were not communicating properly, so there were a few hours of harsh words, tears, a broken windshield and sleeping in separate rooms.

Married for: 3 months; partnered for 9 years

Met their spouse/partner:

Place they chose to be married in: Baltimore, MD

Wedding Tale: We flew to Baltimore, MD and rushed to the courthouse to get our Marriage License. There was a 48hr waiting period before the ceremony. Nicole's parents went with us to the court house, Michelle's parents were unable to fly to join us. As we waited for our turn to get hitched, we were a nervous wreck. Michelle was pacing up and down a hall and Nicole was looking like she was about to pass out.  It wasn't as if we just met and we didn't know each other. Over nine years we have dealt with many things, new jobs/careers, selling/purchasing a home and Nicole's health issues of becoming a heart attack survivor at 33!  We have handled it all!  But we were just nervous and then during the wedding ceremony we were emotional.  Then for several weeks after we just couldn't believe we are married. After three months, we are still shocked about being married.

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Married for: 1.5 years

Met their spouse/partner: End of Semester Party

Place they chose to be married in: Connecticut

Wedding Tale: We have actually had two weddings. Our first was June 16, 2012 at Temple Ohabai Shalom here in Nashville and was the first same sex wedding to be held at The Temple. It was presided over by both of our Rabbi's at The Temple. My husband and I are both Jews by choice, converts. Our second "legal" wedding was November 14th in Westport CT on a cold and windy beach once again presided over by a Rabbi in the Reform movement, a former classmate of one of our Rabbi's at The Temple. 

Photo credit: Christopher Prosser

Married for: 10 months

Met their spouse/partner: At the recently closed Carousel II club in Knoxville.

Place they chose to be married in: Washington, DC

Married for: 13 years

Met their spouse/partner: Online

Place they chose to be married in: Netherlands







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