Aspiring artist Terry De Mars is someone who knew his creative talent at a young age.  “I guess my interest in art started at a fairly young age.  My mother was very talented, she enjoyed painting and drawing as well as crafting, to the point she even opened an arts and crafts shop where she sold her work.”

DeMars was an only child to a very talented single mom.  Family members would watch DeMars as he drew and state that he would end up just as talented as his mom.  Being very close to his mother, I’m sure this was a huge compliment to him.

While in high school, DeMars art teacher and school counselor encouraged him to contact the Art Institute.  “They encouraged and helped me get together a portfolio, got me an appointment with the school, and persuaded me to meet with them.”  He ended up being offered a scholarship, but DeMars was not yet ready to move to the big city and pursue his dream.  As the years passed, he began doing art less and less.

By happenstance, DeMars was having lunch with a friend when he looked up and saw one of his stolen pieces of art hanging on the wall.  Needless to say, he was shocked and wanted to know how the owner came to acquire his piece of art.  As it turns out, the owner had purchased the artwork at a local auction.  After this chance meeting, Mr. De Mars decided he needed a change and took time off of work to pursue his dream.  He enrolled in the Art Institute of Nashville when he was thirty-eight and studied Media Arts and Animation.  During this time in school, his passion for art was renewed and he began painting again.

Since this dream-finding turn around, DeMars has shown his art at the O Gallery several times and has hosted his own independent shows.  He is also helping other artists find their passion. “I also helped form a local art group consisting of four artists called Local Heart.  The intention of the group is to have a show, invite one or two other local artists, and donate twenty percent of all sales to a local charity.  So far we have had one very successful show.”

DeMars has converted his garage into a studio and spends as much of his free time creating masterpieces.  He paints and sculptures his dreams into works of art.  He has been fortunate to sell several pieces of his art, but to Mr. De Mars this isn’t the real fortune.  “The real fortune, like many other artists is just getting your work out there and getting it seen.”

While Mr. De Mars “real job” is that of an underwriter for an insurance company, his dream job would be that of a career artist.  Something tells me Mr. De Mars will become just that.




















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