O&AN reader Lee Shropshire contacted us almost immediately upon delivery of our email newsletter on August 18 regarding the confusion that has surrounded Josey Greenwell/Nate Green's public identity.

Lee was disappointed that we didn't include any comment from Greenwell/Green and, when I pointed out that both his management and PR rep declined on his behalf, Lee submitted this message to us and accepted when I offered to share it with our readers.

Based on the response we received from the Facebook post of this story, readers were divided into two camps: Josey had sold his soul to reach the masses, or we'd crossed a line by posting a story without sharing his "side."

On one hand it makes sense an issue of identity would touch members of our community intensely, due to the struggle each of us may have experienced in coming out and defining ourselves to the world, and the courage it sometimes requires for us to live our lives with self-respect.

On the other hand, this may just be a story about pop culture, commercialism, and accessibility to the masses. 

Here is what Lee had to say:

Everyone has a right to redefine themselves, but sometimes those choices are coerced, and sometimes we make bad choices. I just wish you didn't send that [email] out to everyone until you had a chance to talk to him, or consider that he wasn't trying to ditch his support base, but rather find new channels for his music.

I confess that I don't know him, but what I read made me sad for him all around. Support him anyway. Let him know you are there for him, instead of tearing his new deal down. Shit might go down for him along the road. If so, it's better to bring everyone back to the fold instead of closing doors.

There's so much tough stuff out there, as you know. It's better to show the love in any circumstance. I'm sure he may be confused and tempted by industry ills. It's such a monster. Better to be there for people when and if they fall. They'll learn larger lessons that way. Just my opinion.

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