In the spirit of Phoenix Pride, Sunday Goods is partnering with One n Ten, a local phx based 5013c organization that supports LGBTQ+ youth & young adults. They are regarded as one of the best non-profits for focusing on the LGBTQ community in the Valley.

Sunday Goods will donate 10% of their product sales to One n Ten every Wednesday in November, with a target of up to $5k total donation for the month.

About Sunday Goods

Sunday Goods, named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Cannabis Leaders in 2018, is the largest cultivator and purveyor of high quality sun-grown cannabis in the state of Arizona.

In 2021, Sunday Goods was named PHX Magazine’s Best of the Valley, Best Dispensary. Sunday Goods was created with the intention of helping people Feel Good™ by finding a cannabis experience that's just right for them. With high quality products spanning flower, oil, and pre-rolls.

Sunday Goods uses all-natural methods to respect and preserve the qualities of the original plant. The Sunday Goods commitment to precise consistency delivers products that put the consumers’ needs above all.

Sunday Goods has developed a collection of products that respect the unique relationships between cannabis and the individual. Sunday Goods is currently available in Arizona for both medical patients and adult-use customers.

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