Blame it on my catholic school upbringing, but I have always feared nuns. I see them in a grocery store and take off running. I see them on the interstate and switch lanes. Never again. Thanks to Sister Act: The Musical, I completely expect every nun I see to break out in song and their habits to be rhinestoned and sequined to the Gods. Ok, maybe not, but a girl could dream.

From the opening moments of the performance I was riveted, the costumes alone warranted all of my attention and Ta’Rea Campbell can sang! From the first notes of “Take Me to Heaven” my shoulders were shaking and my foot was tapping. There were moments that I forgot that Deloris wasn’t being played by Whoopi Goldberg. And it only got better.

The jokes flew a mile a minute and there were nonstop laughs throughout the theater. Even though I wasn’t privy to the soundtrack before the performance I was singing along as if I had known these songs all my life. During intermission I was humming “Fabulous, Baby!” and the entire elevator joined in! The score is just that catchy.

Every actor played their role to a tee. Melvin Abston’s Curtis was both parts suave and scary. Chester Gregory’s Eddie was the lovable underdog. Ashley Moniz’s Sister Mary Robert made me reconsider everything I thought I knew about myself and wonder who I was really living for.  Hollis Resnik’s Mother Superior compelled me to say a couple of Hail Mary’s, with a blinged out rosary of course. There was even a special appearance by the pope!

hough the musical follows closely to the movie, the production was able to convey emotions the film never touched. You are able to see a side of these well-known and well-loved characters that I know I never imagined. Sister Act the Musical run’s through March 16th. Hurry and get your tickets. This is a production you definitely don’t want to miss.

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