Therese Bell is no stranger to the Nashville queer community. She is the owner of Rock N Pup and, from what I hear, host of some kick ass soirees.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Therese is the youngest of ten siblings. She moved to Nashville in 2005 to be near her Tennessee Titan brother, Jacob Bell. Prior to moving to Music City, Bell attended Ohio’s Bowling Green State University, where she studied public relations.

Therese calls herself a "simple girl"—she enjoys dancing, movies, exercising, musical theater, DIY projects, sculpting, and art museums. She has worked with animals most of her life, and in 2010, Therese took the big leap by launching Rock N Pup.

Rock N Pup is a 50's themed private pet salon based in Brentwood. They offer spa treatments, grooming, stencil tattoos, pet-dicures, facials, and full service doggie daycare, to name a just few of their services.

Therese was inspired by a previously hired dog sitter. Bell's brother needed a reliable pet sitter for his away games, and he hired a lady that would unknowingly serve as Bell's muse. After watching the pet sitter, Bell saw her work and knew she could do the same.

In 2006, Therese created Claws and Paws pet sitting. She began distributing fliers at dog parks and throughout the neighborhood. Her first service was dog walking and that quickly grew into pet sitting and overnight home stays. After four years of growth, Rock N Pup was born out of Claws and Paws pet sitting, when Therese added full service doggie daycare, boarding and the Hard Bark Cafe, a unique gourmet pet treat spot.

In 2012, Therese received certification from Animal Behavior College and is looking to add pet training to her list of services.


O&AN: How old are you?

Bell: I'm 32


O&AN: What is your sign?

Bell: Leo


O&AN: Sneakers or heels?

Bell: Chucks or flip flops!!


O&AN: What is your favorite drink?

Bell: Alcoholic? Moscow mule, otherwise I'm an h20 gal.


O&AN: Do you have a celebrity crush?

Bell: Katherine Moennig, Sandra Bullock, Ruby Rose, Emma Stone, the list can go on and on lol.


O&AN: What is your biggest accomplishment?

Bell: I'd have to say my biggest accomplishment was having gastric sleeve surgery in October 2013. I know I needed to change and save my life. I was always a bigger girl but when my health started to become effected by it I knew something had to be done. I've lost 110lbs and I've never been so determined to reach my goals. The best decision I ever could've made!


O&AN: What is your favorite thing about Nashville?

Bell: Being a city girl I love that I can get a nice mix of country and city here in Nashville.


O&AN: If you could change one thing about the Nashville gay community, what would you change?

Bell: I love the Nashville gay community. I think we have a very strong place in the Nashville scene. The only thing I'd change is to add a little more nightlife. Perhaps a new LGBT dance nightclub. We do love to have options


O&AN: Describe your creative process?

Bell: I used to sculpt when I was younger and I look at grooming like a work of art. I strive to make sure the groom is beautiful and the clients always happy.


O&AN: Do you have any current projects?

Bell: Yes! Very excited to say Rock N Pup is in the process of trying to find a new location in a standalone building. Hopefully we will be able to open by late 2016!


O&AN: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Bell: I see myself living a successful, healthy life with a beautiful wife and a family of my own. Fingers crossed.



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