Courtesy of WYD Media Management, May 2017 Web Exclusive.

Ridicule, satire and comedy have always been one of the most important elements of political protest. Stephanie Miller's Sexy Liberal Resistance Tour hears your cries America and we stand with you protecting our rights and demanding our government act for the benefit of us all. The Sexy Liberal Resistance Tour is a show for every American who's uneasy with putting a landlord with a reality show in charge of fighting ISIS.

Stephanie Miller, John Fugelsang and Frangela return in 2017 as The Sexy Liberal Resistance Tour, fully aware of the probability their taxes will be audited. Touring for several years as the Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour, the election forced us to rethink early retirement and return to the stage for a multiple city tour. We face Washington and laugh out loud at the tragic comedy of politics, to throw our finest, most scathing satire at the feet of our not so elected politicians. To fight on with comedy, to offer the real fake news, to offer true alternative facts.

Stephanie Miller's Sexy Liberal Resistance Tour promises a rainbow blend of an America that is great now. You're not alone. You're not insane. You're not giving up. And you're not missing The Sexy Liberal Resistance Tour. The 2017 Sexy Liberal Resistance Tour is playing 10 dates this year including May 6 at the Herberger Theater Center in Phoenix.

Meet Stephanie Miller's Sexy Liberal Resistance Tour 2017:

National television and talk radio star Stephanie Miller is a wildly popular performer with a huge and fervently devoted audience. Morning drive radio’s "The Stephanie Miller Show" is heard nationally, reaching more than three million-plus listeners weekly. She is ranked #12 on influential industry publication Talkers Magazine’s “Heavy Hundred” list.

The show also airs on SiriusXM Satellite radio’s national network of 31 million subscribers. Her e-book Sexy Liberal! Of Me I Sing immediately became No. 1 on Amazon in political, humor and memoirs, and has just been issued in paperback by popular demand. Stephanie's three comedy albums all entered the Billboard Comedy charts in the top positions, as well as chart topping on Amazon, iTunes and Googleplay.

John Fugelsang hosts "Tell Me Everything" weekdays on SiriusXM Insight #121 and PAGE SIX TV for the FOX network, which will premiere later this year. He once got George Harrison to give his last live performance on VH1 and, in the quip heard round the world, got Mitt Romney's advisor to call Mitt an "Etch A Sketch" on CNN. He's been murdered on "CSI," hosted "America's Funniest Home Videos" and Bill Maher called him "one of my favorite comedians." He's been a regular on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News & has performed for U.S. troops, including the humanitarian mission in Haiti. His new film Dream On, a road trip in search of the American Dream, was named Best Documentary at the NY Independent Film Festival and just premiered on PBS.

Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton are real life best friends and America’s BFFs. As avowed Afro-Saxons and lovers of all things political and pop culture, they have been featured contributors on VH1’s “Best Week Ever” NBC's “The Today Show,” “Dateline,” “Showbiz Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” CNN's “Headline News,” AXS TV's “Mockpocalypse,” NPR, and “AM Joy” on MSNBC. They hosted their own radio show, “The Week According To Frangela” and are regular chair-dancing guests of the Stephanie Miller Show. They were featured on “The Oprah Show” in the “Best Standups in America” episode and have enjoyed touring colleges doing their brand of pop-cultural infused standup. Frances and Angela also brought hilarity to the big screen in the hit film He’s Just Not That Into You and, most recently, Slow Learners. They play Margaret and Betty on the hilarious Hulu show “Quickdraw” and are honored to be featured members of 2017 Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Resistance Tour.

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