Planning a party can be an overwhelming task. Especially the food aspect of it! The last thing one would want to is to have someone go all Mr. T. and pity the fool who cooked the food. Well, enter Chef Eleni Vavouris and Chef Joelle Upton of Savor the Flavor Catering, Inc. Having served the Davidson and Williamson county areas for the past 8 years, Savor the Flavor is a full-service catering company that will blow your mind…or more specifically your taste buds. Savor the Flavor currently functions from a commercial kitchen space in Smyrna, Tennessee. They do not operate as a store front as they “come to you” for your catering needs.

I had the pleasure of talking with Chef Joelle Upton about her company’s mission to deliver amazing food and catering service to their clientele. Whether you have 20 guests or happen to be the mayor of Nashville, they have just what the doctor ordered…and by doctor, I mean you Dr. New Customer!

Upton and Vavouris met while participating in an apprenticeship at Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Unfortunately for the two, the apprenticeship ended when Opryland decided to cancel the program just one year in, but that didn’t detour them from their dreams of becoming chefs. They both attended Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky and earned degrees in Culinary Arts and Professional Catering and received status as certified culinarians through the American Culinary Federation.

After earning their degrees they returned to middle Tennessee. It was their early work in the food industry after college that drove them to start Savor the Flavor. Upton, who enjoys the creative side to the catering industry, loves working with the clients to realize their vision for whatever event is being thrown. Upton handles the proposals and is onsite for events. Whether it’s a birthday party for a loved one or a wedding that requires months of planning, Upton makes sure that each event is specialized to meet that person’s vision. Vovouris, who handles most of the executive chef duties, can whip up anything from traditional southern dishes to Greek medleys of deliciousness. The menu is fully customizable but they do have a menu of options if you are not sure of what you want.

When talking with Upton, it’s clear that she really loves what she does. She wants to make the event look as good as the food tastes and brings a level of creativity and professionalism to the table that she feels represents both the client and exceeds expectations. So, what are you waiting for? Throw a party already! Oh, and please invite me. I’m hungry.

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