The Drag Race finale opens as usual with those eliminated appearing in the order of elimination. This season "Born naked" played for the finale runway. First up we had Tempest DuJour and I must say her Mother Mary outfit kicked off the runway with a BANG. It was amazingly creative and no detail was lost on the costume queens gig for the finale!

Next up was Sasha Belle and her outfit was as predictable as her elimination.

No tea no shade no pink lemon aid nobody was sad to see Jasime Masters AKA Mrs.Ed the talking horse go home. Her attitude was as ugly as her face and clothes. I can't pretend to care about Captain Half Assed Black Beard. You go girl! aaaaaaaand keep on going til you fall off a cliff.

Kasha Davis wowed in a gorgeous dress and of course being a fan favorite, the audience was on their feet for her!

Kandy Ho came out looking like someone from Whoville and her ageism makes literally everyone irritated by her.

Max was next in an amazing working mom from the 80's blazer. Really queen?!

Followed by the Hometown hero Jadyn Diore Fierce in a stunning gown with a claw mark effect that I wish the camera man would've paid more attention to because it was amazing!

Miss Fame"s dress was absolutely jaw dropping Haute Couture, while Trixie Mattel was just predictably more of the same. Katya hit the runway in uproarious applause not only was her reversible outfit amazing, but we are all still nursing the wound from her elimination #JusticeForKatya.

Kennedy followed her down the runway and honestly, after using the hateful and insensitive term "Mentally Retarded" in reference to her own sister and then the "Condone myself to being a professional" idiocy I'm short on a "give a sh*t's" for this moron. Using derogatory language for the handicapped is so disgusting, I can't put it into words. 

Ginger came out next looking great in an unexpected gown but the same hair we've seen ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL season. Girl, Please.

After her was Pearl in basically the same hair and wardrobe we saw her in all season.

Violet was next, and they saved the best for last. She was jaw dropping in her sequins sewing mannequin dress. She was as always unexpected and creative.

Next up was the lip-sync by the top 3 queens. Ginger was campy because ... obviously. Thats all she's got. She can be funny and be pageant only and that's why she lost. She irritated a lot of people when she basically said she should win because she's fat and there's never been a fat queen. No, bitch you should win based on talent not size, color, creed, race or religion, or socio economic background. Equality means being judged on ability not being held back by social constrictions. bye girl,bye!

Pearl followed with her meta "Sleep Walker" with dancers in unicorn snuggles for no reason.Pearl who is actually a chicago queen unlike a certain Nashville queen who claims to live in chicago while being a cast member at a local drag bar.  The curse of pearl was discussed which was hilarious! and of course the fact that she was the most desired queen in all of Herstory was brought up in front  of her mom, and most of us cringed.

Finally! We get Violet Chaichki! She was perfection as always. I was sad the she wasn't able to perform on silks because i think most of us were waiting for that. Her lip sync to " Too Many Daddies" was to die for! Her interview showcased her adorably quirky personality. She is proof that being a sewing hermit can work out for the best. 

We moved into the reunion part. It started with the ageism tension between Tempest and Kandy being addressed. Tempest was gracious about it, but Kandy showed her ass again. Sasha Belle the studious super fan was up next. She was sent back to Iowa because she was courtesy add, lets be real. Jasmine Masters spoke next and no one cared because she's as basic as Doritos. Her suicide BS about online bullying was so annoying. Please don't pull your sympathy card. Kasha Davis was open and honest about ageism in drag in very tongue in cheek way. Kandy Ho's interview was just like her... forgettable despite being thirsty. Max was perfection in his old hollywood glamour. Max addressed being pinned as a prude and her coaching Jadyn and Pearl through rough times on the show. Jadyn Diore Fiearce The hometown hero got to talk about her experience and how it was a let down, she didn't expect to be on lock down during the show. Her parents showed up to discuss their acceptance of her sexuality in a beautiful moment. Miss Fame got to talk chickens in her adorable interview.

In the second half of the reunion Trixie, Kennedy and Katya were up. Trixie got to discuss being eliminated twice and was adorably gracious. Katya was up next and she was met with roaring applause, clearly a fan favorite. Her wit and personality won our hearts in the meet the queens segment. I love violet but I secretly wanted Katya to win. Kennedy was the last one to speak and nobody cared because she's insensitive to the Americans with Disabilities Act. She disgusted me with her "mentally retarded" I'm beyond done with her. #gross.

Miss congeniality was awarded by Ben Dela creme, and to no one's surprise it was Katya. This was the closest we as fans could get to giving her some justice for an unfair5 elimination.

Finally it was the moment we have all waited for the crowning. Bianca Del Rio (who I interviewed for the pride issue check it out) came on stage in this full body image to the Tin Man covered in silver and rhinestones. She was easily the show stopper. Before announcing the winner, Ru did a tease and called Katya out. Then she got down to brass tax and crowned the real queen, Violet Chachki to the cheers of everyone! Violet yelled "Come through!!!!!!" and showed why she won our hearts.





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