I don't wanna be mean but, ... that's a lie.

Karma was in FULL effect this week as the episode opened with Sasha trying to come for Pearl and ended with her going home! Seriously Sasha? Pearl isn't on YOUR level? mmmmm kay. Sasha coming for Pearl is like the fat bench sitter saying you suck at track but, anyways, moving on.

Moby rando showing up for a challenge might be my fave niche to niche crossover, and he kept it real: everyone feels short and homeless next to RuPaul.

When it comes to this week's maxi challenge, let me first say, I want to only ever fly Glamazonian Airways always for infinity. Trixie Mattel talking to Violet like she was her preschool teacher had me like "All T all shade, you're jealous but anyways." During choreography Ginger Minj said a phrase that I'll be using from now on — "Flooded my basement" — and I don't want her comic brilliance going unnoted. 

When Jaidynn Diore Fierce said the challenge was out of her comfort zone all I could think was "Girl, you're from Nashville! Please don't be another Trinity K. "I can't "Bonet." Luckily she worked it out and showed what PLAY entertainers are all about, working with what they got and making it amazing.

Olivia Newton John was a guest judge, and "twist of fate" being the lip sync for your life song was kind of a moment for me because in 5th grade I dressed up in my grandma's jewelry, stood in front of the full length mirror and would lip sync that song. But I digress. 

I was glad to see Katya get read for her "watermelon, watermelon, motherf*cker" crap she pulled during the challenge but, when she was up for elimination all I could think was "If Katya gets sent home by Sasha, I'm setting everything on fire!" 

I also LOVE that Mrs. Kasha Davis got read for being an extra regular female AKA a basic bitch. Those of you who follow me on social media KNOW that basic bitches are my obsession. Speaking as expert, yes. She looked like every basic ass housewife I deal with everyday at my kids schools. Nothing about those women is elegant or jet set. They just basic. 

On a more serious note, Miss Fame's back story got revealed a little this week and I have to say she wins ALL the back stories. That was so sad. I'm glad she's gorgeous, it gives yet another example of karma being shown in full effect this week. 

PS. Jasmine Masters looks like somebody put a wig on Mr. Ed. Someone tell her to stop playing like she's cute.


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