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In the second episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 4, Mama Ru reveals that the All Stars will have a team challenge this week, much to the queens’ dismay. Performances by each of the two girl groups will feature the large and legendary Stacy Layne Matthews, best known as Henny, from Season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Last week’s winners, Monique Heart, of Kansas City, and Trinity Taylor, were captains, and they picked their teams gym-class style. Monique chose Monét X Change, Naomi Smalls, and Farrah Moan; Trinity chose Valentina, Manila Luzon, Latrice Royale, and Gia Gunn. Notably, Farrah and Gia were picked last on their respective teams, which was a source of drama.

For this challenge, the queens had to write their own lyrics, record their own vocals, choreograph their numbers, and style their individual looks. Each All Star had her own verse. In the confessional cutaway scenes of the recording session, the queens threw shade. Team Trinity lacked leadership in dance rehearsal, while Team Monique’s last pick, Farrah, struggled to keep up with the choreography.

In the work room, Gia Gunn crowned herself villainess of the season with her “attempt” to patch up a past grudge with Farrah, who called Gia out for acting a fool by trying to get more air time and forcing a storyline that really didn’t need to be told. Monique agreed, also calling out Gia. The girls moved on, but it left one wondering – is Gia a genius for trying to rattle Farrah before the runway? Shade!

On the mainstage, the song for Monique’s team was “Everybody Say Love,” and Team Trinity performed “Don’t Funk It Up.” Stacy gave us Martha Wash realness. The queens themselves were just all right.

Manila’s look fell notably short. The standout verses included Valentina’s homage to Selena and Monet’s cell-phone shtick with Stacy. Monique paid homage to Aaliyah, but her coat got caught up in the choreography and her pants were more dude than diva.

Woody’s patrons Cornel Johnson And Jessica Loughran

Tops this week were Valentina and Monet, with Farrah and Monique as the bottom two. The cast was gagged at the results, because Monique was one of the top two last week. Gia’s overall attitude made the queens wish that Gia was on the chopping block instead.

Backstage, as the queens pleaded their cases, Gia again tried to steal the spotlight from Farrah, making a final attempt to “patch things up” before Farrah’s potential departure – cue the eye rolls.

Valentina’s lip sync to Ariana Grande was key, giving her a chance to redeem herself to the same artist that shot her into lip sync infamy back in her season. Her lyrics were flawless, and she moved around the entire stage. Monet gave us an actual death drop this time, instead of her fake one that we’ve seen before.

Valentina took the win and the $10,000 tip. Emotionally, she chose to eliminate her friend Farrah, to let her sashay away.

The watch party at Woody’s Classic Sports Pub this week was epic. Local drag emcee Candice Marie read Drag Race trivia questions at commercial breaks while getting the crowd rowdy and ready for the drag drama that ensued.

I asked her about her thoughts on Farrah’s departure over Monique. “I thought it was fair,” she said. “Monique was in the top last week, and I don’t think she should have been in the bottom. … It would have been terrible to send her home now.”

You can catch the watch party at 7 p.m. for every Friday episode at Woody’s Sports Pub in Midtown.




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