Nashville-based pop artist/songwriter/activist Rich Hennessy, named a “Rising Star of Nashville” by Authority Magazine, has partnered with Nashville Launch Pad, a local non-profit providing emergency housing to youth between the ages of 18-24 with a focus on being affirming to LGBTQ youth to release “Break The Silence,” Hennessy’s newest song, available at all streaming services tomorrow.

Cover of Rich Hennessy's "Break the Silence"
Cover of "Break the Silence"

In honor of National Coming Out Day, Hennessy is asking fans and followers to support Launch Pad through its Amazon Wish List or donation link. In the Middle Tennessee region, 40% of youth who are homeless identify as LGBTQ, and Launch Pad provides not only emergency housing to those in need, but also services to help them process past trauma and to remove barriers like missing paperwork to enable them to build new lives.


Like “You’re The Voice,” Hennessy’s cover of the 1980s anthem that Hennessy performed as part of the 2020 iVoted Concert, “Break The Silence” is an empowering call to action, and Hennessy hopes that song will inspire others to speak on behalf of marginalized communities.

Rich Hennessy. Photo by Andrew Zaeh.

"I've spent much of my life finding my authentic voice, and as an LGBTQ person, I remember well the fear and anxiety ahead of coming out to my family. But living honestly with myself and finding my true voice changed my life,” said Hennessy “I want my music to empower others to speak their truth–live as who you are, and speak out against the wrong you see and experience. That's what 'Break The Silence' is about–speaking your truth. And by partnering with Launch Pad, I can show our community of LGBTQ youth that you will always have a home and a support system locally."

“There is great power in combining art and activism, as Rich does with this song and with his music career. Nashville Launch Pad is grateful that, with this release, he has chosen to spotlight our work with LGBTQ+ young adults experiencing homelessness,” Executive Director Ty Brown said.

For more information on Nashville Launch Pad, visit For more information on Hennessy, visit

Rich Hennessy. Photo by Andrew Zaeh.

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