By Cait Brennan, May 2016 Issue.

Iggy Pop | Post Pop Depression | Loma Vista Recordings | 

Reports of any ’60s- or ’70s-era rock star’s retirement are the Lucy Van Pelt’s football of music – they always seem to yoink the retirement ball away at the last

second. Suuuuure it’s your last tour, The Who. Half of you guys are dead and if that hasn’t stopped you, am I really going to believe you can – or will – stop voluntarily? But Iggy Pop’s made of sterner stuff, so when he announced that his new LP would be his last, the 68-year-old punk pioneer sounded resolute. If it is truly the end, Post Pop Depression is one heck of a swan song.

Produced by Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme, and backed by guests including QOTSA guitarist Dean Fertita and Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helder, Post Pop Depression finds Iggy stretching well beyond his recent Stooges-reborn sound and into some expansive new territory. “Break Into Your Heart,” the first track, is a prime example, with Iggy’s creeptastic guttural growl threading through QOTSA-like guitar swirls, turning the love-song premise into something darker and more sinister. Indeed, Pop excels at driving that thread of menace through a variety of Homme’s sonic soundscapes here, and the collaboration feels like a natural fit.

“Gardenia” is almost more jangle-pop than Iggy Pop but it’s a pleasant and weirdly sunny tune. “Paraguay” closes the set with a deceptively elegiac tone that twists itself into a fiery, defiant “do not go gentle” blues-rock raver. If he’s done, it sure isn’t because he has nothing left in the tank.

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