Dear Editor,

I'm writing in regard to your recent endorsement of Scott Davis for Metro Council District 5.  I ask that you reconsider this decision.

My husband and I have lived in District 5 since 2011.  Our community has a large population of LGBT residents, and we are very close and very active in our community and neighborhood associations.  We volunteer our time for many community events and charitable causes.  We attend our monthly neighborhood meetings, and we give our opinion on issues related to zoning, local development, and crime and safety.  Two of the largest neighborhood associations in District 5 are McFerrin and Cleveland Park.  There are a total of nine board members leading these two organizations.  Of these nine members, five are LGBT.  Have you reached out to these neighborhood leaders?  You should.

Today I am writing to you on behalf of the undersigned LGBT residents and our allies in District 5.  We fully support Sarah Martin for Metro Council District 5, and we think you should, too.  While we appreciate our current council member signing on to to the bill that provided domestic partner benefits to Metro's employees, we know that Sarah will not just add her name to a bill or cast an easy vote.  She will lead.  Sarah knows what's important to the LGBT community and will advocate for LGBT Nashvillians, leading the way to a more inclusive Nashville. 

While our current council member has historically put the needs of businesses and non-district members ahead of our neighbors, Sarah is passionate about putting neighborhoods first. She will ensure community members have a voice and are encouraged to use it, which is important to all of us as community members.  

Thank you for your consideration.


Jason Stalcup

Kyle Barber

Mark Nimmo

Brady Mills

Kelly Westmoreland

Jonathan Deloach

Chaz Flowers

Erin Verdin

Tiffany Ann Cannon

Lauren Horbal

Matt Allen

Josh Rich

Kelly Belote

Kathryn Turner

Brad Lopez

Harmony Lopez

Adam Barnes

Josh & Disha Spath

Lee Sparrow

Jenna Owen

Ryan & Rebekah Mitchell

Seth & Whitney Greer

Amanda Kinneman

Heidi Burson

Laura & Jason Colligan

Hayden Forsee

Woody & Nancy Muckler

Cory & Kristy Ripmaster

​Alyssa and Belinda Michael Vasquez





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