Many have been disappointed in both our elections and courts due to recent events.   If you are inconsolable, or elated, at the results of the elections, or court cases, where have you placed your faith? Oh, to be sure, few would say they had faith in things that will pass away – yet that is where we have placed faith often.  In a system that will always have winners and losers that embraces a retributive, rather than redemptive, worldview.

Many are disappointed, or elated, because they have equated their temporal causes with the cause of Heaven.  They have acted as though The Republic is somehow The Kingdom – but it is not – never was and never will be. 

They have placed faith in Caesar (Government, courts, etc) and his minions.  They have too long looked to this temporal veil as the beginning and end and do not see that when they place our faith, hope, and trust in the hands of temporal authorities (elections and courts) they are surrendering the Kingdom of Light to the Kingdom of Darkness in their lives.  They have built their life upon shifting sand rather than solid rock.

"Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's." - Jesus in Matthew 22:12.  While the specific discussion was taxes his response was broader in that Caesar (the government, temporal world) does get parts of our lives and while they may be frustrating they are not the final answer because God has the final answer.  Make no mistake all governments (and political parties) only use God talk to advance a temporal agenda that is not God confirmed.

Too many have let the fact that fans, rather than followers, of Jesus wrap themselves in easy platitudes that easily fit the culture or their particular viewpoints - when God is not interested in confirming their ideas, but wants them to conform to His Spirit and Righteousness.

If you are tired of the storm, run to God to be your deliverer and defender.  He may not change the government of the land in which you live, but remember your government is Caesar and is not worthy of your faith - for it will not redeem you in your greatest hour of need. When you kneel before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in worship and persist in your integrity when all else seems to be going bad you will find a sweet release.

Maintain faith and worship in the midst of a world that seems bent upon death of mind, body, and spirit. When you do the courts, and elections will not matter as much as the Kingdom breaking into your life for redemption, renewal, and restoration.



Pastor Greg



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