Out & About Nashville, Inc. has teamed up with the Nashville Grizzlies RFC to produce the Bingham Cup 2016 Official Program and Guide to welcome more than 50 international gay rugby teams to the city this coming May.

Readership of the issue is expected to surpass 50,000, with more than 15,000 copies printed and distributed at more than 200 locations, including select Kroger stores in Davidson, Wilson and Rutherford Counties.

O&AN Publisher Jerry Jones said the special issue of O&AN will include team and player profiles, venue maps, schedule of events, and other original content to welcome the international participants to Music City.

“This is a momentous occasion that we are thrilled to be a part of,” Jones said. “We are so proud of the Nashville Grizzlies and all that they have accomplished. They and the city of Nashville will be exceptional hosts for the games and we’re looking forward to highlighting all that we have to offer our international visitors.”

“Nashville Grizzlies RFC is honored to partner with O&AN to create this very visible welcome mat to our international guests,” said Jon Glassmeyer, chair of the BIngham Cup organizing committee for the Nashville Grizzlies RFC. “We’re looking forward to showcasing our great city and partners.”

Nashville landed the honor of hosting the event after a highly competitive bidding process that included a vote of support from 53 member clubs worldwide. According to International Gay Rugby, "the bids demonstrated a desire and a capability to produce a first rate rugby tournament, with significant support from regional and state governments, local organizations, community groups and the local, regional and national rugby unions. The final vote, representing 100% participation by IGR member clubs, was 53-40 in favor of Nashville.”

Bingham Cup 2016 will be the 8th time the event has been staged. Previous host cities have included San Francisco, London, New York, Dublin, Minneapolis, Manchester, and this past year in Sydney. It is the world championship of gay rugby and one of the largest inclusive sporting events in the world. The competition is named after Mark Bingham, a member of the San Francisco gay rugby union team who died on United Airlines Flight 93 when it crashed in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. It is believed Mark was one of the passengers who tackled the terrorists on-board, preventing the aircraft from reaching the hijackers' intended target. The Bingham Cup is held in honor of Mark’s memory and challenges stereotypes and perceptions of gay men.

Nigel Melville, CEO of USA Rugby, said in a statement, "USA Rugby is delighted that Nashville has been awarded the hosting rights for Bingham Cup 2016 through an extremely competitive bidding process. We look forward to partnering with the Nashville Grizzlies to make Bingham Cup 2016 the biggest and most successful Bingham Cup to date. We also want to recognize Chicago for their strong bid and to both clubs for their commitment to quality tournament organization. USA Rugby is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in sport, particularly rugby. We will continue to strive to end homophobia in sport through leadership in policy and action."





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