Out & About Nashville, Inc. (O&AN), is actively searching for a new Sales, Marketing and Events consultant. 

O&AN publishes a monthly print product (with a  target audience of Nashville’s LGBT community) and has an active online (www.outandaboutnashville.com) presence. The company was started in 2002 and has a small but dedicated staff.This role will be responsible for actively selling advertising for O&AN’s products to a national and local audience, and developing and promoting O&AN through special events and selling sponsorships for those events.

This position will report directly to the publisher and or the associate publisher or designee, and work closely with the editor, contract production artist and contract designer.

The person in this position is expected to be an active member of the LGBT community. This person will be a member of the senior staff and help with planning and future growth plans.


Salary is based on commission, paid on the following rate:

10% commission rate will be paid on all “house” accounts and renewals that the sales person current has or is assigned (accounts that have been secured by previous sales people who are no longer with the company).

20% commission rate will be paid on all “new” accounts that the salesperson secures.

3% commission on the individual's total sales will be paid if one of two of the specified sales goals on Print and Internet sales is made. Sales goals will be set at the discretion of publisher or his/her designee.

5% commission on the individual's total sales will be paid if two of the two specified sales goals on Print and Internet sales are made. Sales goals will be set at the discretion of the publisher or his/her designee.

  • Job description:

    Develop new events and successfully market those events by selling sponsorships
  • Develop marketing programs for those events, to be marketed through O&AN’s product line
  • Develop online and other unique sponsorship opportunities
  • Be available by telephone during production time to answer production ad related questions
  • Establish strong relationships with clients and advertising agency personnel.
  • Ensure that all proper paperwork is filled out for the submission of ads to the production department and that they are produced with as few errors as possible.
  • Provide issue closing numbers to editor contract designer and publisher for layout and production.
  • Help develop advertorial sections and their selling strategy.
  • Keep publisher informed as to significant advertising opportunities and problems.
  • Assist in the process of collection of money from accounts.
  • Attend meetings of business and civic groups to drive name recognition and increase ad sales.
  • Assist in determining the promotional approach to selling special sections or editorial material.
  • Evaluate rate structure relative to competition and market needs.
  • Provide competitive analysis feedback regarding other magazines to editorial, marketing and circulation.
  • Assist in developing custom publishing opportunities for O&AN.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as may be determined.

Hours and Location:

This is a work from home position.

O&AN is an Equal Opportunity Employer. To apply please send a resume to editor@outandaboutnashville.com .

This article has been republished from Out & About Nashville, and was part of a series of first-person pieces written by the late Bobbi Williams.

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