On February 13, Mike Munich took part in an odd pop culture moment, carrying Lady Gaga down the Grammy Awards red carpet in her specially-designed egg chamber. As a dancer on her videos for "Alejandro" and "Born This Way," he's earned an exclusive peek at the creative process of one of the world's biggest musical acts.

The 24-year-old native of Minneapolis has also appeared as a member of Vocal Adrenaline on GLEE, performing hits "Rehab," "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Highway to Hell." In an interview with Out & About Newspaper, he recalls his experiences with Gaga and GLEE, and reveals his future plans in show business.

O&AN: What was it like to walk the red carpet in such a spectacle?

Well, everything she (Lady Gaga) does has a purpose. It's very thought out and has artistic integrity to it, and there's a progression with every song she does. It has an image that she takes to her performances. The Grammy Awards was her birth essentially. She wanted to make the Grammy Awards her vehicle for the new single and this new album.

I didn't know what was going to happen until I showed up Sunday morning. I got a last minute phone call on Saturday that she was making a special entrance. I think it was brilliant. It's amazing that everybody was so curious and there was so much anticipation of what she was going to be wearing. She's always up to something.

O&AN: "Alejandro" is such an elaborate video that required some smooth moves. how did you become involved in the creation?

"Alejandro" was the first time I worked with Gaga. There was an audition for it, but i skipped the audition because the notes said you had to be willing to shave your head but then it turned out, as you can see in the video, that the dancers wore black wigs. So all day Saturday (the day of the shoot), I was kicking myself saying "What were you thinking?" I was out on the next day and ran into a friend who was working on the Gaga video. He said they didn't find everyone they were looking for, so he said to go home and make a video and then upload it on YouTube. I was still a little drunk at the time. (laughs) So I went home and changed, and on Sunday night I was at Gold's Gym taping myself.

O&AN: In recent years, the video premiere has become such a big event again, hasn't it?

When I grew up, I loved Britney Spears. I loved the (MTV show) Making the Video. I would say my two favorite things in the world are music videos and fashion editorials. TRL (Total Request Live) doesn't exist anymore and that was what I watched all the time in middle school and high school. You know, back in 2005, there was a lot of R&B and hip hop and every video was starting to look the same. I'm so glad they are bringing back the music video. It gives your song an image, an artistry and a vision. I just love a good pop video.

O&AN: As a part-time cast member on GLEE, can you describe the experience of being on such a pop culture phenomenon?

I'm a member of Vocal Adrenaline of course. I've been in six episodes, all the episodes that Vocal Adrenaline has been in. I was featured in the episode when we throw eggs at Rachel. (laughs) It's hard to keep track because we filmed three or four back-to-back last year, so it was a consistent schedule for 4-6 weeks and then I went out on the GLEE tour.

O&AN: You're a big fan of the show, right?

I think it's really great. (Creator) Ryan Murphy is such a visionary. He's really smart and he touches on every minority on the show. He's made the gay issue so relatable to kids that are that age. He's making it more mainstream and dealing with the issues of coming out and being young and trying to figure it all. He also deals with disability with Artie's character and weight issues with Mercedes. It's a great melting pot with everybody blending together. Ryan is doing it in a vehicle that's so campy and so over-the-top, but it has these important messages in it.

Lady Gaga appears at Bridgestone Arena on April 19. GLEE airs on Tuesdays at 8 ET/7 CT. (FOX-TV)

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