A woman of many hats, Nicky Click is a producer, beat maker, video artist songwriter and performance artist from New Hampshire. A mix of original catchy electro-pop dance music rife with memorable hooks and stories about her life as a queer femme and feminist, her work has been compared to the likes of Peaches, Le Tigre and Sadie Benning.

Nicky Click’s latest release “I’m On My Cell Phone” demonstrates her ability to work in a variety of genres of music exploring everything from hip-hop to country folk. The album features outstanding collaborations with Jenro, Katastrophe, Johnny Dangerous and Hornet Leg (of the Gossip).

The Nicky Click is made up of several characters and alter egos. She attributes her “cousin” Petunia Pie with writing all of her songs from her diary entries. The characters within Nicky Click are actually all the many sides and parts of her—the ones she wants to hide, the ones she’s ashamed of, the sexy sides and the smart sides.

In presenting these various faces to audiences and listeners through song and performance, Nicky Click hopes that viewers will feel as though there is an opportunity to let go and break down walls of limitation. The intention is to create a space and dialogue where people—especially women and queers—can release societal standards of what the face and actions of a woman should be and create their own.

No matter if she is being described as a dance queen, performance artist, quirky, weird or whatever, the point is she is original and is creating a new movement of feminist DIY dance music out of her bedroom that will empower, make people think, question, laugh and feel good. Her music will make you tap your toes at your desk and help you enter the special mind and creative world of The Nicky Click.

Nicky Click will be performing a one-night-only show at Café OutLoud!, 1707 Church Street in Nashville, with special guest spoken word artist Athens Boys Choir on Friday, Jan. 25, at 8 p.m.

Admission is $8. For more information visit www.outloudonline.com, www.myspace.com/outloudnashville, www.nickyclick.com and www.athensboyschoir.com.

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