What is one of your secrets? What would you do to survive financially?

When I moved to Nashville, I thought my problems would be solved. My salary would increase as well as my opportunity to meet guys. My problem? I didn’t figure in repairs to the truck, a bottle of water costing $4.00 at Tribe, let alone trying to find some sort of social life that didn’t cost an arm and a leg in order to make friends. So, in my financial desperation of maxing out two credit cards, I decided to get a second job.

The problem was how could I fit a second job around my current work schedule. Working nights was out of the question because of meetings, and weekdays are regular working hours. Weekends were the most logical choice, but I go out of state a lot on those days to take care of mom. So, after a few days, I came across an ad for a housekeeper.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the qualifications for the job listed in the paper. So where else could I find a job of this nature? Then late one night, I found Craigslist. Okay, maybe I was at the site for other reasons, but a position was posted to clean a house a few times a month. After some email exchanges, which included a resume and picture, I received directions to the house and a time for the interview.

Dressed in khakis, a shirt and a tie, I headed to my interview. Upon arriving at the house, I noticed the home was in a beautiful historic district area. The owner met me at the door.

The house was amazing and beautifully decorated. However, the master bedroom appeared to come right out of the movie, The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas, and that’s where my interview became a little bit more interesting. The owner said, “ If I would clean the residence naked or at least in a jockstrap then my salary would increase.”

Slowly my stomach began to turn. Could I be a naked housekeeper? Suddenly, I started to feel like Demi Moore in Incident Proposal.

Toward the end of the tour, a slight rash started to break out on my arm. What could I say to get out of this interview? There in the window was my salvation; a cat was staring at me. I turned to the owner and said that my allergies were acting up and that it might be due to his cat. He opened the front door, and I thanked him for his time and apologized for not being able to accept the position.

While driving out of site, I prayed that our paths would never cross again. Unfortunately, six months later a mutual friend of ours invited both of us to a Predator’s game. Though the majority of the night my eyes were glued to #6 (Shea Weber), in the back of my mind I prayed the owner of the house forgot about the interview or that he wouldn’t mention it our mutual friend.  Luckily, he didn't mention the interview, and I was safe for now.

So the questions I have to ask myself now are:  "Where does one meet guys when you don't have the money to socialize in Nashville?" And... "How small is the gay community here?"

First I ran into Eduardo multiple times and now this incident. Hopefully I won't get a reputation before I rightfully deserve one.

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