New Year, New You!

Happy New Year! It’s that time that you set forth your New Years resolutions, as you focus on what is important for you to accomplish this year. Whether it’s getting out of a job or career that has you down, or saving for that fabulous new car, or committing to improving your health, you can do it! I can help with some tips in getting into that closet, and cleaning out the old to make room for the new.

Let’s talk about jackets and jeans. I believe jackets and jeans are pieces that you continue to hold onto. Unless, you have not been able to wear them for over two years (being generous with the timeframe), you more than likely are not going to get in them, again.

Now, don’t be depressed about this, just make a commitment to yourself that you are cleaning out to make way for better. Now, if your jackets and jeans are too big, but you love them, you can take those pieces in, and have them re-cut to fit your body, and make them more modern for today’s fashion.

If you have a tailor or seamstress that you love, then awesome. If you don’t, you might want to seek out a wardrobe stylist to help pin, and modernize your pieces.

If you have not touched them or looked at them in over a year, then the items in your closet such as shirts, pants, suits, T-shirts and sweaters need to go. Now, you don’t have to throw them out.

You have options of Goodwill or Consignment stores to sell your items for you. Now, of course, don’t take your Fruit of the Loom T-shirts and expect a consignment shop to sell those for you. Just say goodbye, and hand them off to a charitable organization for someone less fortunate to have.

One thing to consider for your style in the New Year, is you don’t have to get tricky, or be in the latest trends. Start off with knowing what a good fit is for your body, and then cleaning out all of the rest that you continually look at, but know that you will never wear.

If the thought of all of this overwhelms you, I would suggest in investing in a wardrobe stylist to come, and go through your closet, help get you cleaned out, and give you some tips on what works for you, and what basics to start with based on your own personal needs. This is a service that I do, and would love to help you.

Be good to yourself this New Year, and make your goals attainable. Happy 2013!

Renee Layher is a stylist to the stars and owner of the menswear boutique, The Label, located at 2222 12th Ave. S. in Nashville.

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