The famous nickname of New Orleans---The Big Easy---is the only way to describe the historic city. From the modern skyscrapers to the historic French Quarter, you are sure to have a great time in New Orleans.
    New Orleans hosts some of the most well-known celebrations throughout America---most notably Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest and Southern Decadence. The French Quarter streets are filled with a mixture of laughter and jazz, while your nose picks up the scent of Cajun restaurants, and your eyes take in the architecture of the French/Spanish that dates back to the 1800s. With New Orleans showing a great southern hospitality towards their guests within the city, there's no fear here, so kick back and enjoy the sights and sounds of The French Quarter. Grab a cab and check in at Bienville House or their sister property, Hotel Monteleone both located within The French Quarter. From this point all you will need are a good pair of walking shoes, for your adventure is accessible by foot.
    The Bienville House 83-room hotel recently underwent a multimillion dollar renovation; rooms with balconies face the salt water pool or the streets of The French Quarter. If you choose to stay at the sister property, Hotel Monteleone, enjoy the sights of a historic class when you enter the lobby. Hotel Monteleone has about 600 rooms and is the oldest hotel in The French Quarter. With the rooftop pool overlooking New Orleans, Hotel Monteleone may be your next travel lodge.
    During Southern Decadence, a week-long event during Labor Day Weekend, the balconies of the French Quarter are lined with rainbow flags, with the community showing their support of the 39-year festival. Bourbon Street hosts Bourbon Street Extravaganza with performers from across the country. This year Damian Faul, Erika Jayne, Kimberley Locke, Jeanie Tracy and Deborah Cox turned Bourbon Street into a sing-a-long dance party. If you're in town during this time, be sure to check out the events Southern Decadence brings to the Quarter. From the Leathers and Feathers block party to the official Southern Decadence parade, there is always something happening.
    To satisfy any guest, the Quarter offers a wide variety in restaurants. Be sure to stop by Breannan’s for breakfast, home of the banana foster, or Arnaud’s restaurant and enjoy their turtle soup with the house jazz band performing the sounds of New Orleans. Be sure to ask for a tour of the Mardi Gras museum. If you’re looking for a unique lunch, head on over to Yo Mama’s for their peanut butter burger. Add Café du Monde to your to-do list for their famous beignets and coffee for a quick pick-me-up. For dinner, enjoy some Cajun classics such as Po-boys, fresh oysters, and gumbo. With a huge variety of restaurants, there are plenty that will fit your unique budget.
    With the streets echoing with music from local street performers, enjoy Jackson Square local artists displaying their unique art with the subjects of their work honoring New Orleans. Every block of the French Quarter offers unique shops, offering anything from clothing to voodoo dolls. If you’re interested in the history of The French Quarter, take one of many walking tours that are available throughout the city.
    The streets of The French Quarter never sleep. From Bourbon Street's non-stop party to bars offering the To-Go cup so your party can travel from bar to bar, you can enjoy the unique atmosphere that each party has to offer. Respect the streets and never carry a glass or can into the streets, ask for a To-Go cup at the bar. Also, Quarter offers a wide variety of GLBT bars.
    In short, The French Quarter is full of life. Take this opportunity this city offers and enjoy the sights and sounds. Southern Decadence allows members of the GLBT family to enjoy this rich culture with not a worry in sight.

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