Both the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition and the Tennessee Equality Project are urging supporters to contact their state legislators and let them know that "you oppose bathroom harassment of young people in schools."

Rookie Rep. Bud Hulsey (R-Kingsport) plans to present a bill in the new year that will ensure that bathrooms in Tennessee public schools are used only by the gender identified in a student's birth certificate.

In a message to supporters, the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition shared Hulsey's phone and email address (below) and included this statement of opposition.

This exposes trans and gender non-conforming students to even more bullying and harassment when we should be striving to make our schools safer for everyone. TTPC remains committed to opposing Bathroom Harassment in any form, and especially when it targets young people who should feel safe and secure in getting an education.

The Tennessee Equality Project reminds us that the last "police the potty" bill in Tennessee was rescinded due to community opposition. It, too, shared Rep. Hulsey's contact information as well as this note:

Transgender students pose NO threat to other students because of their gender identity.  Indeed, it is their own safety that is in danger if the bill passes. Demand that he not file the bill and that he should meet with members of the transgender community and learn about their real safety needs!

Representative Bud Hulsey's phone number is 615-741-2886 and his email address is 

As well, find your own state senator and representative here.

TEP has created this online petition calling on any and every member of the TN State Senate not to sponsor or file a companion bill. As an added bonus, when you sign the petition the form will generate an email on your behalf to the entire State Senate. On November 14 TEP reported that 500 email messages have been sent to each State Senator from the petition.

UPDATE: as of November 27 the petition has gained over 1000 supporters.




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