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Tame that mane

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For some time now, the rage over beards has been wild. We’ve all had one growing up, right? But really, having a beard in the gay community has become incredibly popular. That scruffy, natural “manliness” that just pours off guys who have ‘em can be relentless…woof, is it hot in here?

We can’t get enough of them! And if you or your guy has one, like anything else, you’ve got to learn how to take care of it.

It may seem like a bit of a gimmick, but the truth about beard oils is backed by science. Think of beard oils and balms as a conditioner for your beard. Just like you’d use on the hair on your head (or not if you’re rocking that bald and beautiful look), conditioning your hair is important!

Ingredients like jojoba, castor, and argan oils are essential for promoting hair growth, moisturizing, and taking care of your skin as well. They’re packed with vitamins, like B and E, and minerals, like zinc and copper, that keep your beard looking fresh and healthy. They kind of make a protective barrier for your beard, which is pretty cool in itself.

But choosing the best beard care products for you can be SO overwhelming! Especially with every dime-a-dozen, hella macho, lumberjack-looking barista-type brand that’s out there. Sometimes you just want something that’s more inclusive and supportive of both your queer lifestyle and your beard. And I know you’ve been asking, so we did a little research to help you out.

No need for thanks, we gotcha.

Here’s 5 of the best beard care products that also are created by or support the LGBTQIA+ community.

​NOTO Botanics

line of beard grooming products.

Noto Botanics

photo credit via Noto Botanics IG

Founded and owned by Gloria Noto (queer makeup artist and overall badass) in 2016, Noto Botanics was created with a few things in mind. To create a radical, fun, and reliable product that promotes self-acceptance, sustainability, and queerness.

Exploring the intersection of clean beauty in a way that’s exploratory and profound, while also being made vegan.

In particular, we love the Rooted and Agender Oils, to be used as an everyday beard oil. Lavender, hemp, and sunflower oils are all excellent for beard health and also add an overall sexy scent.

Shop Noto Botanics

Bathing Culture

person holding a bottle of Outer Being Face & Body Oil

Outer Being Face & Body Oil

photo courtesy of Bathing Culture

Tim Hollinger and Carl “Spencer” Arnold, had been life-long friends, living in Northern California, and started making soap in 2015. Trying to escape their office jobs desperately, their focus turned to giving back and taking better care of the planet through bathing.

Sustainably and locally sourced ingredients and mindfully crafted, Bathing Culture is the perfect way to up your bath and beard care game.

In the beard care category, their Outer Being Face and Body Oil take the cake. Drenched with antioxidants and fatty amino acids, essential vitamins C and E, and plenty of minerals; it’s hard to not use this on every inch of your body.

But, for the time being, take a few dabs and run it through that face mane of yours…or someone you fancy.

You won’t be disappointed.

Shop Bathing Culture


bottle of That Good Good Argan Oil Serum.

That Good Good Argan Oil Serum

photo courtesy of Hairrari

What started as a two-seat, gender-neutral barbershop (aptly named Manetamed) in Williamsburg, Hairrari has branched out into a queer powerhouse of inclusivity with its products and hairstyling.

With a realized goal of providing a safe space for anyone to get their hair cut and styled, founder Magda Ryczko has been changing the field one snip at a time.

Their product line includes a variety of pomades, sprays, clays, and serums, but one of our favorites in terms of beard care is That Good Good Argan Oil Serum. With Argan (obviously) and Macadamia oils leading the charge, a few drops will have your beard feeling smooth and refreshed. Don’t believe us?

Try it, we dare ya.

Shop Hairrari


woman in a white shirt holding a bottle of tonic spray.

Tonic Spray

photo courtesy of Rudy's Barbershop

When Rudy’s Barbershop was founded in 1993 in Seattle by Alex Calderwood, David Petersen, and Wade Weigel, they wanted two things: to have a place to hang with their friends and cut hair. And they definitely accomplished that, but with a little twist.

They also saw how the classic barbershop model had done some things right but wasn’t all that welcoming for everyone. Their new model for Rudy’s put an emphasis to include everyone with a capital E. They’ve also been a long-time supporter of the It Get’s Better Project – helping homeless LGBTQ+ youth.

So we gave a welcome hat off to Rudy’s and dove straight for their Tonic Spray. The essence of Nettle and Baobab Seed relaxes the beard follicles and helps tame that wild beast!

Gotta bring a little order to those wild locks, boys!

Shop Rudy's Barbershop

Alder New York

person holding a bottle of Alder's Hydrating Oil.

Alder's New York Hydrating Oil

photo courtesty of Alder's New York

Nobody ever said that being a woman and a queer-owned skincare company in Brooklyn would be easy. But that hasn’t stopped anyone here. Since its inception in 2016, Alder has been thriving as a top-tier, vegan, dermatologist-approved skincare line.

Their products focus on the simplicity of taking care of your skin and hair. And truly, it’s all in the details.

For our bearded friends, we’ll turn you to their Hydrating Oil. Jojoba oil and essence of lime and rosemary. Lather a few bits of this into your beard and let it do all the work. Lush, refined, irresistible.

It’s really that easy. As it should be.

Shop Alder's New York

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