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Beer drinkers cheering to each other

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So, to really lay things out here: Plenty of people enjoy beer. Doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or who you like to determine that. There are plenty of queer people who are not only drinking plenty of amazing craft beers from breweries all over the world...They’re also making craft beer.

And if you’re drinking a beer, you might as well make it one that supports your ideals, right?

Bet you never thought you could have a drink AND be a social renegade at the same time! So here are 7 of the best queer beers we’ve found:

Gay Beer

can of golden lager gay beer

Gay Beer Golden Lager

photo courtesy of Gay Beer

Coming in HOT! This delicious golden lager is certainly the way to make your beer drinking much more…well, gay. Gay Beer, you ask? Oh, yes.

Brewed with Vienna Malt and Mandarin Hops at their brewery in Garrattsville, NY, founders (and power couple) Jason Pazmino and Jon Moore decided to start changing the beer scene in 2018.

They realized the need to diversify the market. The face of most beer making for the longest time has been straight white men. So, why not have a beer that’s by gay men and for…well, everyone! A lot of their customer base is among straight men, ironically.

“The reality is that there is a consumer that has been ignored. It’s a sector that’s been told that we don’t drink beer. There’s a power in speaking to that customer and creating loyalty” Jason says. And that is exactly what they intend to do.

There has also been word brewing (don’t @ us for the dad joke) they’re working on two additional styles, an IPA and a Blonde Ale. So who’s to say? Maybe it’s time you just “Go Straight for Gay Beer!”

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Gender Neutral

can of gender neutral beer with rainbow colored waves on the can

Gender Neutral Pale Lager

photo courtesy of Threes Brewing

This beer was a passion project by the team at Threes Brewing (in Gowanus, NY) for a long while. Brewed with German Arian Hops to give it a zesty kick, and a trippy rainbow homage on the label, this beer should not be missed.

The idea behind this beer when it was released for Pride in 2017 was to support the LGBTQ+ community in whatever ways they could. Each year for its release, Threes has donated a portion of proceeds from sales to a charity of their choice in support of LGBTQ+ causes. In the past making a generous donation to the Anti-Violence Project, a foundation based in NYC that works with HIV-infected individuals addressing all forms of violence through various outlets.

They have also thrown several beer release parties when Pride rolls around and raised capital and awareness for various LGBTQ+ groups.

All in all: super tasty beer, even tastier results.

Buy at Threes Brewing

Dyke Beer

three cans of dyke beer in different positions that shows the can design

Dyke Beer

photo courtesy of Dyke Beer

Y’all…this beer checks all the boxes. It’s absolutely delicious, is brewed by some badass queer women, and has such fun labeling! What more could you want!?

Founders Loretta Andro Chang and Sarah Hollonquist were known in NYC for their monthly Dyke Bar Takeovers. Along with a slew of other fun events like Queereoke, Dyke Cookouts. You name it.

When the pandemic hit, a lot of us were forced to explore more of our creative brain cells in order to make that career change, or explore a new hobby…hell, just to make something that’s not just microwave ramen…again.

These incredible queer activists took it a step further. They wanted to make something so that when it was time to throw some new events, they’d have something that was completely their own.

Dyke Beer was made to promote queer rights and activism, support the LGBTQ+ community, and just shake things up in general! I mean, it’s hard enough being two queer women in a heavily straight male-dominated industry. And it seems like they’re only getting started.

Buy at Dyke Beer


can of almanac love hazy ipa design is in different shades of green and gray.

Almanac Beer Co's Love Hazy IPA

photo courtesy of Drizly

This is surely one for bitter beer lovers. Citrusy and lush with notes of melon will have you enjoying this one through Pride Month and then some.

The folks at Almanac Beer Co., located in Alameda, California, have been proudly teaming up with the Oakland LGBTQ+ Community Center for about three years running. Making donations during Pride Month as well to the center to support queer individuals through social outreach, education, and more.

Not only that, their Future Is Fluid IPA (equally as delicious, in our opinion) was made in conjunction with the Pink Boots Society, a non-profit organization supporting women working in the beer industry!

If you ask us, being able to make an impact in so many outreach sectors through beer is pretty awesome.

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DC Brau

dc brau pride pilsner with a cartoon face on the can.

DC Brau's Pride Pilsner

photo courtesy of Drizly

The Pride Pilsner started in 2017 during (you guessed it) the DC Pride Festival. This crisp and crushable little ditty was made in support of two incredible LGBTQ+ organizations: SMYAL and the Blade Foundation.

The Blade Foundation was basically the Washington Post for the queer community. Written by and for queer people covering lifestyle, events, outreach, and still funds journalism projects focused on the LGBTQ+ and other underrepresented groups.

SMYAL, promoting LGBTQ+ youth, housing, and other resources, has been a pillar for DC Brau’s Pride Pilsner. To which DC Brau has donated over $42,000 through the sale of their Pride Pils to date.

Who knew drinking beer could do so much more than just getting a tasty buzz on. You can even help choose the next can design.

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Stonewall Inn IPA

can of Stonewall Inn IPA sitting on a bar next to a pint of beer from Brooklyn Brewery.

The Stonewall Inn IPA by Brooklyn Brewery

photo courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery

How could we not talk about this one? The official IPA of the historic Stonewall Inn.

Tangy, zesty, easy-drinking, and available year-round; it’s just as the crew at Brooklyn Brewery puts it: “This is a beer for everyone, no exceptions.”

Not only was Brooklyn Brewery ecstatic about teaming up with and supporting the Stonewall Inn, but in 2017 they have become a huge part of the Stonewall Gives Back Initiative (SIGBI).

A movement born of the Stonewall Inn Riots of 1969, with a mission to support grassroots LGBTQ+ organizations, campaigns for awareness, and educate on the issues we face as a community. Brooklyn Brewery regularly makes donations to SIGBI, and the Stonewall Inn IPA was made to send a clear and delicious message: That we ain't going nowhere.

Buy at Brooklyn Brewery

Fremont Brewing

can of pride Seattle Kolsch with a rainbow colored bird on the can.

Fremont Brewing's Pride SEÄTTLE KÖLSCH

photo courtesy of Fremont Brewing

We love a Kölsch! Especially when that Kölsch is all about love.

The gang over at Fremont Brewing in Seattle packed all the love they could into brewing this one, and it shows.

Always available in June, a portion of the proceeds for their Pride Kölsch goes to various LGBTQ+ organizations, and they typically throw Pride Kickoff events across the west coast to raise awareness and celebrate with the people who say LOVE!

“It’s about celebrating queerness and standing up for the safety and self-determination of the LGBTQ community.” CEO of Fremont Brewing says. “Be proud of who you are, who you like, and what you drink.”

And really, it’s as simple as that.

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