Timed to coincide meaningfully with Mental Health Awareness month, out recording artist Davis Mallory (aka DAVIS) is encouraging others through new releases "Lifeline" and "Heavy" to combat and support others facing mental health challenges.

Growing up the grandson of Christian psychiatrist and author James D. Mallory (The Kink and I and Battle of the Sexes), DAVIS felt a calling to bring awareness to the topic of mental health.

Raised singing in his church choir in Georgia during his adolescence, DAVIS is now sober for just over four years and dedicates time to helping others recover from addictions, too.

He explains, "I'm very passionate about the topic of mental health. As the grandson of a psychiatrist, I do, in some ways, feel a call to help and minister to others through my music. The song 'Lifeline' specifically ends with a list of national resources for those battling addictions, depression, or people who may have been witness to or victims of human trafficking."

With his new release, "Heavy," DAVIS tackles the issue of mental health. After receiving encouragement from Revry CEO Damian Pelliccione to collaborate with other queer artists, DAVIS created the track alongside Nashville-based LGBTQ rappers Daisha McBride and Blake Lieder, with both artists appearing in the music video as well.

Filmed in Nashville, TN, by director Derrick Lipschitz, the music video offers a visually appealing, artistic interpretation of how relationships can be complicated. The video shows each featured artist talking to their significant other while wearing a specific color: DAVIS in orange, Blake Lieder in aquamarine, and Daisha McBride in purple.

DAVIS | Photo: Avery Cefre

"Heavy" appears on DAVIS's recently released sophomore album Little Victory. The album was written in Stockholm, Sweden, Berlin, Germany, and Nashville, TN, and features many Nashville pop artists, including artist Madeline Finn (American Idol), Miss Audrey (winner of Nashville Independent Music Awards' Best Pop Artist in 2019) and Luma (vocalist for high-profile EDM DJs Nurko, Adventure Club, Crystal Skies, Last Heroes, ARMNHMR), among others.

The new release come as DAVIS is approaching 1 million streams on Spotify with his song "Without You I Feel Good." Other new releases are set and will be available in the coming months.

For more information on DAVIS, please visit his website or follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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