There truly is no place like home – especially when home is a vibrant, internationally recognized city that hasn’t entirely shed that small town feel. But taking a staycation is its own kind of work. How do you ignore the call of the day to day concerns and look at your own town as if it was some place new?

See the Sights

Few locals fully avail themselves of what Nashville has to offer: the Symphony, the Frist, Cheekwood, and the endless series of live music venues, parks, and attractions. Go to the visitor’s center, or the brochure rack in front of any attraction and pick a few of the biggies you haven’t tried yet. You’ll thank yourself later. Or check out some alternatives. Instead of the Country Music Hall of Fame, try the Johnny Cash Museum. Or make your own fun. A self-guided tour of Nashville’s public art, from Dragon Park to Musica, is a fun way to spend an afternoon. The Hermitage or the historic Sam Davis home offers a glimpse at local and national history.

There’s also no shortage of pure kitsch in Nashville: Cooter’s Place Dukes of Hazzard Museum is a hoot (and free), and if you’ve ever seen that pink bus around town, we’re here to tell you that the Nash Trash Tours with the Jugg sisters are not to be missed. And for the truly bizarre, drive out to Adams, TN and visit the Bell Witch sites!

Where to Stay

Home! But there are plenty of options: try your guest room out and see how the other half lives. Or try your own back yard: it’s like camping but your iPhone is always charged and the showers are hot.

Check out the Nightlife

Start an evening off at the First Saturday Art Crawl, and then head over to Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant, and enjoy some live music with your delicious food. Or maybe grab some dim sum to go at Lucky Bamboo and then drive out to Watertown’s Stardust Drive-In Theatre. Or grab some friends and head over to the Flying Saucer and get to work on putting your name on a saucer by drinking a ridiculous amount of beer. Basically, ask yourself what you would do if you were vacationing in one of the South’s premier destinations – then remember that you are and do whatever came to mind!

We know you love your Nashville LGBT bars and clubs! We don’t blame you, we do too. But one way to see Gay Nashville through strange eyes is to try something different. If you’ve been to Canvas every Saturday night for the last two years, mosey on down to Play, or even over to Stirrup. Two very different adventures await you. It’s not cheating on your favorite bar – you’re on vacation!

A Little Something Extra

Summers in Centennial Park are full of wonders. From August 14-September 14, Shakespeare in the Park will put on As You Like It for a suggested donation of $10, and on Saturdays in the event shelter you can attend Big Band Dances.



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