Picking right back up from last week and Rayna’s police cruiser crash, everyone is in panic at the hospital mode. Rayna is being rushed to the ER and when she is recognized, one medic LITERALLY says “No time for autographs people!” I almost gave up on this show because of that line alone. I’m not entirely convinced I’m not.

Calls come in for Maddie (who is with Clay) and Scarlett (who is still in Damien’s bed) to get their asses to the hospital. Scar Scar is told the news from Gunnar, who says she needs to pick up Daphne from school choir practice and take her to the hospital.

Deacon first arrives at the hospital and Rayna has a shattered pelvis and hip, but no brain injuries with the exception of appearing on this show. Rayna is on morphine and Deacon is acting like she is on death’s door. Rayna doesn’t remember the crash, but does remember her stalker episode. Without a beat, she decides they need to write a song for their duets album.

Juliette hasn’t gotten the call yet about Rayna, but she is convinced she has a bone infection. She is on Web MD or some site like that. She probably thinks she has a testicle infection, too. Then, Avery, says something that we ALL know and SHOULD make him walk out the door and never return: “Honestly, Juliette, I love you, but you’re crazy.” That’s when they get the call about Rayna.

Clay drops Maddie off at the hospital and the paparazzi are already out front waiting to snap photos. Clay volunteers to hang around and wait. I like Clay, CMT. Why are you doing this to him? And by this, I mean Maddie.

Once Maddie rolls in, Scarlett and Daphne have arrived and they are ready to take Rayna into the operating room. Maddie begins having a panic attack and rushes to the bathroom. Scarlett follows. How long into this episode before Maddie makes it about her? Wow, 13 minutes into the broadcast and Maddie’s selfishness is oozing. She thinks it’s her fault her mother was in the accident. She claims it’s payback for all of the trouble she’s caused. I’ve got a better payback idea! Leaving the show for good!

Since Rayna will be in surgery for four hours, everyone is finding something to do. Daphne refuses to leave the hospital and Madds hops in the car with Clay to drive around. THIS would be a good time for another car accident. Anyway, while the others hang in the waiting room, Bucky, Gunnar and Will arrive. The doctor comes out and says everything is peachy and she should be able to go home in a few days.

Out of surgery, Rayna is remembering everything and she wants a cheeseburger. And oh poop! Guess what, ya’ll? Rayna won’t be able to make the CMT Music Awards. But, Bucky wanted to be SURE Rayna knew CMT sends their undying love and CMT also sends their get well wishes and CMT needs to ensure their name is mentioned in this speech several times. But CMT is taking a backseat because Rayna wants to write this song, so Scarlett scurries home to get Deacon’s guitar.

On the downtown pedestrian bridge, Maddie is babbling on about herself and her panic attack to Clay. They reach a great spot overlooking the Nashville skyline and recalls memories of Rayna. Clay admits he knew she was having a panic attack because his mother used to have them. His mom was so drug addled, she didn’t have much of a relationship with him. When Maddie gets the news Rayna is out of surgery and all is well, she just wants to walk around more with Clay- and talk about herself more, I assume.

About this time, Juliette and Avery arrive at the hospital and they are hounded by the fake Nashville paparazzi. When they get to Rayna’s floor, the nurse won’t allow Juliette in because she is under strict orders to allow no one in. Pulling one of her “Do you know who I am?” moves Juliette says something snotty and lumbers past the nursing station and into Rayna’s room. They have a little girl talk and when Ray Ray asks how Juliette is doing, Juliette replies with “I don’t want to talk about me right now.” Rayna replies with “But, you’re so much better at it than I am.” I LOVE Rayna on morphine. #TEAMRAYNAONMORPHINE ANYWAY, Rayna says she noticed Juliette has changed.

Back at Clay’s place, it dawns on Maddie about what a horrible, spoiled brat she is especially with all of the hell she has put her mother through. When she calls herself selfish, Clay interrupts her. No, Clay, let her go on. It’s time this brat had a REAL realization. She is absolutely terrible.

The next morning, Deacon arrives at the hospital and he brings Ray smoothies and a cheeseburger. Daphne has ran off to pout because Rayna and Deacon want her to perform in her choir concert that night, but she doesn’t want to leave her mama’s side. So, that beacon of wisdom, Scarlett, goes to talk to her. When Scar Scar obviously isn’t helping she texts Maddie to come help. Yes, Maddie blubbering about herself for another hour should be a great help.

At the doctor’s office, they have found an irregularity in one of Juliette’s leg bones. While they’re at it, they should check for one in her psyche. Juliette is convinced it’s cancer, but the doctor (who is also Rayna’s doctor) wants to do an MRI. The doc goes on to say her pain might be psychological. Wow, doc, ya think?!?

In the hospital cafeteria, Gunnar tries to talk to Scarlett. He’s an emotional wreck and tells her he will do anything to win her back. So, now, he’s the desperate, insecure one? You don’t turn into Scarlett overnight, Gunn Gunn. That takes time and a very bad Mississippi accent.

In her cuckoo, happy drug state, Rayna is seeing her mother sitting at her bedside. Her mom says the stereotypical “I’m proud of you and I miss you” rigmarole.  Then, Rayna goes into trying to find a tag for the song she’s writing with Deacon. Her mom then suggests maybe the song is already finished. Deacon arrives in time to snap her out of her daydream. He gets all concerned when she mentions her mother was just there. He relays this info to Scarlett and the doctor interrupts them and says she is cognitively okay. Apparently, visions like this are normal when you’re hopped up on happy pills.

Now, it’s time for Scarlett to go in and talk to Rayna one on one. When Rayna asks about Damien, Scarlett say she is intrigued by him, but Gunnar is miserable. Rayna says that it’s not up to what Gunnar or Damien want. It’s about what Scarlett wants and what makes her happy. Scarlett can never be happy or else she wouldn’t be on this show.

Daphne is wrapped around Rayna and Ray Ray is trying to talk her into going to the choir concert. Then, Rayna gets teary eyed talking about how much Deacon loves her even though he isn’t her biological dad.  When Daph makes her way to the waiting room, her entire school choir is there. They decided to bring the concert to Daphne so she could participate and Rayna could hear. Oh- and it was Flynn’s idea. Ya know, her crush?

As we hear the choir performing “To Make You Feel My Love,” for Rayna, we see Juliette getting her MRI. Then, Rayna start to look uncomfortable and her hospital machines start going off. A nurse yells for a doctor as they shuffle the kids out of the hospital room. Someone calls for a crash cart and in the meantime, Maddie and Clay are stuck in Predators traffic downtown. She hops out of the car and decides to hoof it to the hospital.

Rayna is being rushed into another surgery because her kidneys are shutting down. This sometimes happens with the types of injuries Rayna has and it is life threatening.

Now in intensive care, Rayna isn’t sure what has happened to her. Rayna tells Deacon to be strong for Maddie and Daphne. He promises her and hospital staff make him leave, but not before they say they love one another. Then she says she’s sorry.

Back in Juliette world, her leg is fine, according to the meeting with her doctor. Then, her doctor is pulled from their meeting because of Rayna, who is crashing in the ICU. Juliette knows who she is talking about and races to Rayna’s side of the hospital. She stops halfway, hands her crutches to Avery, and limps the rest of the way. Juliette arrives to learn it’s not good.

Doctors tell Deacon that Rayna’s organs are shutting down and she is being kept alive by machines. Daphne, Scarlett, Bucky and Gunnar are all in tears as Deacon does his best to console Daph. Maddie finally arrives and it’s a boo hoo fest.

A little later, Deacon, Maddie and Daph sit at her bedside, trying to figure out how to say goodbye when Madds starts singing and Daph and Deacon join in. Rayna has a quick moment of lucidity and then  flatlines as they all cry and Rayna dies.

Wow. Yeah. So, Connie Britton leaving the show was true.

I’m going to need a moment. And a drink. And directions to Deacon’s house.



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