Brothers United

An African American Social & Support 501c3 non-profit organization committed to the education and empowerment of its local and statewide LGBT community.

Phone #: 615-974-2832


Clarksville PFLAG     

Comprehensive Care Center (CCC)

Your Complete Medical Center for HIV/AIDS

719 Thompson Lane, Suite 37189

Phone #: 615-321-9556


Group holds benefits for PWAs (People with AIDS) at community bars & clubs.

PO Box 40261; Nashville, TN 37204

Diversity Builder, Inc.            

Diversity Builder offers a comprehensive national LGBT business and physician directory. If you are looking for a gay friendly physician or business in Nashville, Middle Tennessee, or anywhere in the United States, please visit the website. If the diversity directory doesn't have the gay friendly business you seek, send an e-mail to receive a personal and complimentary search.


Domestic Violence Hotline            


Gay & Lesbian National Hotline       


Greater Nashville Prime Timers            

The purpose of the organization is to provide mature gay and bisexual men, and their admirers, with opportunities to come together in a supportive atmosphere to enjoy social, educational, and recreational activities. Prime Timers are older gay or bisexual men (and younger men who admire mature men).

Phone #: 615-269-3263


Helpline Crisis Intervention 24/7

Phone #: 1-800-850-8078

Human Rights Campaign (HRC)            

Phone #: 615-356-8132


Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center

It is the mission of the Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center to create a better future for our Community in the Mid-South. We will endeavor to offer an array of diverse GLBT services by utilizing the talents, energy, and resources among us. The Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center is governed by a Constitution & By-laws that support the beliefs on which it was established.

892 South Cooper; Memphis, TN 38104

Phone #: 901-278-4297


Metro Nashville Softball Association

Music City Cars / Cumberland Region LCCI


The Nashville-based Tennessee and Kentucky chapter of Lambda Car Club International. LCCI is the largest car club for Gays and Lesbians. They are a social group who have a love for cars and all things automotive. Owning an old car is not required to join.

P.O. Box 330397; Nashville, TN 37203


Music City Couples            

Nashville's gay and lesbian committed couples. Visit our website for current social gatherings and special events.

Music City Sisters


Nashville Black Pride            

Annual celebration of African American LGBT life in Nashville that takes place the last weekend in October. Contact Dwayne at 615 974-2832 or via email This event is owned and sponsored by Brothers United Network, Inc., and is a proud member of the International Federation of Black Prides Organization.


Nashville CARES

633 Thompson Ln; Nashville, TN 37207

Phone #: 615 259-4866, 1-800-845-4266

Nashville GLBT Chamber of Commerce    

Phone #: 615-481-9233

PO Box 330971; Nashville, TN 37203

Nashville Grizzlies Gay Rugby Football Club            

A rugby football club in Nashville predominantly for gay men. Don't worry if you've never played before or be concerned that you won't know anyone on the team....they're a friendly bunch of guys.

Nashville Pride 

Phone #: 615-650-6736

PO Box 330931; Nashville, TN 37203



Social & support group for youth ages 14-22.

1700 Hayes Street; Suite 100 B.; Nashville, TN


Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays

1008 19th Avenue South; Nashville, TN

Phone #: 615-366-0888

Smoky Mountain Rodeo Association        

PO Box 40224; Nashville, TN 37204-0224


Street Works Outreach Program            

Street Works provides free confidential HIV/AIDS testing, and (bilingual) counseling on safer sex practices to the Nashville area. Also offers a 24-hour emergency helpline and 24-hour on-call counseling.

83 University Court and 520 Sylvan Street; Nashville, TN 37210

Phone#: 615-248-1905

Tennessee Equality Project (TEP)            

The Tennessee Equality Project promotes the equality of GLBT persons in TN.

PO Box 330895; Nashville, TN  37203

Phone #: 615-664-6886


Tennessee Stonewall Democrats            

A statewide grassroots Democratic lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organization working with the community and Tennessee Democratic Party to get the GLBT community involved and educated on political issues of importance to our community.


Tennessee Trangender Political Action Committee (TTPAC)            

PO Box 92335; Nashville, TN  37209


Tennessee Valley Pride             

A non-profit organization designed to celebrate diversity in the Chattanooga area. Their goal is to combine the wonderful resources of GLBT people in their area and reach out to the community with dignity and respect. The Board is committed to raising awareness, strengthening and growing the community, creating a safe environment and providing aid to those less fortunate.


The Brooks Fund   

The Brooks Fund is working to grow its endowment to create a legacy of giving for the GLBTQ community. The Mission of The Brooks Fund is to encourage the inclusion, acceptance and recognition of Middle TennesseeÔøΩs lesbian and gay citizens and to protect their dignity, their safety and their health.

3833 Cleghorn Avenue, #400; Nashville, TN 37215

Phone #: 615-321-4939, ext. 101

Vanderbilt AIDS Clinical Trials  

Phone #: 615-467-0154 ext. 106 or 1-888-95-TRIAL ext. 106


Vanderbilt Lambda 

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