Nashville Pride is gearing up for an amazing 25th anniversary year and if their first event is any indication of what's to come there are great things in store for 2013.

Nashville Pride's annual 2 Chefs, 2 Visions will have you seeing double when the event kicks off March 28. That's right! DOUBLE. Not 2 chefs but 4 this year in what promises to be a night filled with great drink and food.

This year 2 Chefs, 2 Visions (or should we call it 4 Chefs, 4 Visions) takes over the Farmer's Market. Be prepared for a designer-night spin on the local venue. This year's featured chefs include:

Daisy King: Tennessee’s “First Lady of Southern Cooking,” opened Miss Daisy’s Tearoom in Franklin, Tenn., in 1974. And this year marks the 25th anniversary of Nashville’s F. Scott’s Restaurant, another of Miss Daisy’s creations.

Margot McCormack: Owner of popular Margot Café and Bar, which was recently nominated for the prestigious 2013 James Beard Foundation Award, the highest honor for food and beverage professionals working in North America.

Arnold Myint
: Appearing on Bravo’s “Top Chef.” Myint recently opened “blvd Nashville” adding to his list of inventive restaurant properties that includes AM@FM and Suzy Wong’s House of Yum.

Laura Wilson: Master chef at the Nashville Farmers’ Market and two-time winner of the Nashville Scene’s Iron Fork competition.

Tickets for this amazing night are on sale now and are $75. Tickets inlcude champagne, beer and a delicious mult-"visioned". Purchase tickets and get more information here.

Want to go above and beyond? If you have not already become a part of Nashville Pride’s Core, now is the tim Especially since tickets to 2 Chefs are included with a Core membership! For more information click here.

Either way we will see you March 28 to chow down and support the 25th anniversary of Nashville Pride!

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