The Nashville Grizzlies have recently unveiled their steamiest fundraising tool of the year, their always anticipated calendar, shot by local photographer Chris Malone in a real collegiate locker room!

This isn’t the Grizzlies’ first time stripping down to fund their program. In fact, the now-annual calendar has been shot for quite a few years now, and Malone has been behind the camera for the last few. The highly sought-after calendar has been featured in gay blogs from around the world, including megablogs Towleroad and!

This year more than ever, the Grizzlies fundraising efforts are key, as the team develops its important community presence by engaging straight teams and by bringing the 2016 Bingham Cup to Nashville. Founded in 2006, the Grizzlies are the only gay and inclusive rugby team in Nashville. Their goal is to create a safe space for players of all sexual orientations, backgrounds and experience level to learn about the sport and have fun.

In recent years, the Grizzlies have welcomed increasing numbers of LGBT-friendly straight men to their ranks, helping build bridges. For the first time in several years, the Grizzlies have chosen to compete against straight teams across the state, and around the Deep South, again will hopefully help raise awareness amongst some of the region’s most macho men.

“We are in the middle of our season and are raising money to help make sure that playing rugby on an affirming team is affordable,” said Thomas Hormby. “We do our best to cover expenses via fundraising so rugby is accessible to everybody, even if they don’t have much money.”

In addition to the added costs of competition and regional travel, the Grizzlies are also preparing to hose the 2016 Bingham Cup next May. This is yet another opportunity for rugby to challenge preconceived notions about the LGBT community. “Named after Mark Bingham, who died in the September 11, 2001 attacks, the Bingham Cup is the biggest tournament in the world for gay and inclusive teams and this will be the first year it has been hosted in the South.”

Bringing the Bingham Cup to Nashville isn’t just a big deal for the LGBT community: it is a major coup for the city as a whole. Tournament organizers expect upwards of forty-five teams, consisting of over 1,500 players and supporters! In fact, teams from Australia and across Europe and North America have already registered for the event.

So if you are looking for an easy way to support the Grizzlies, check out their calendar. While we understand the rugby beefcake isn’t everyone’s type, if that is your type you are going to LOVE this calendar. You might even want to order two—more if you want to give them away for the holidays!

To find the calendar and support the Grizzlies, you can visit their website’s market via





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