Nashville's newest face in home staging

Liz Jenkins, co-owner of Skyline Home Inspection, opened a home staging business this summer, called "A Fresh Space."

A Fresh Space offers 'home staging and thoughtful organizing,'  for home sellers. 

"The ultimate goal is to get your house in showcase condition, so it sells at the best possible price in the shortest possible time," Jenkins said.

According to a 2004-2005 survey by, staged homes sell 50 percent faster and at a selling price of 6.9% higher than non-staged homes, on average.

Home staging allows a seller to present an inviting, spacious, and organized home. Jenkins' Web site states that staging consists of the following:

  • Reducing Clutter
  • Cleaning
  • Organizing
  • Personal shopping (accessories, packing materials)
  • Coordination of professional services such as packers, movers, or painters
  • Furniture and accessory redesign
  • Coordination of disposal of unwanted items 

    Jenkins will both evaluate and fully 'make-over' the home, or let the owner perform part of the work.

    For more information on home staging or to view before and after photos, visit, or call (615) 509-1933.

    Wolkiewicz joins Bank of America in  Belle Meade

    Mark Wolkiewicz recently accepted the bank manager position at Nashville's Belle Meade branch. He previously managed branches in Deland and Daytona Beach, Florida.

    Wolkiewicz joins other family in Nashville, including his sister, Debbie Stanton, owner of 

    In addition to its bank accounts, mortgages, investments, and insurance products, Bank of America exclusively offers the popular "Keep the Change" savings plan and free on line payroll for small businesses. 

    Bank of America scored a perfect 100 percent on HRC's corporate equality index. 

    "Bank of America is committed to diversity," Wolkiewicz said. "Our philosophy of inclusion drives our organization every day and helps us win in a diverse, global marketplace. I personally strive to have a diverse team of associates, with each member contributing a different benefit to the team's value and strength."

    Wolkiewicz and his team of associates may be reached at (615) 291-2831, 4405 Harding Road, Nashville, Tenn. 37205.

    Life insurance policy available for same-sex partners

    New York Life (NYL) recently rolled out its Family Protection plan which allows same-sex domestic partners to be covered under one policy. 

    Nashville NYL agent Charlie Santiago stated, "New York Life has a long history of being inclusive of the gay community, even down to their policy forms, which consistently offer the term 'partner' as a selection. The new Family Protection plan even covers the future family (children) of the same-sex couple, without additional underwriting or expenses."

    Santiago and his NYL partner Ryan Frame serve the Nashville area and may be reached at (615) 224-9562. Santiago is fluent in Spanish and proudly serves the Latino and Hispanic communities.

  • This article has been republished from Out & About Nashville, and was part of a series of first-person pieces written by the late Bobbi Williams.

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