Nashville duo turned theatre production company, L.T. Kirk and Jonathan Burgess, will premiere the bold, captivating and often shocking “Mysterious Skin,” a play by Prince Gomolvilas and based on the novel by Scott Heim.

Truth is the through line of this play that follows how a young man obsessed with alien abductions and a teenage hustler approach the known and the unknown. Their lives converge to discover a horrible, yet liberating reality.

Forever timely, “Mysterious Skin” brings much needed “un-politically correct” theatre to Nashville’s art scene. “Mysterious Skin” is a daring, compelling and mind-bending production which sheds light on subjects that too often are kept in the dark,” Kirk said. “This production is the antithesis of what Nashville audiences are accustomed to in theater. We knew that we had to bring this work to our community.”

Just over a year since graduating from high school, Burgess dives into his directing and producing debut challenge with willingness to learn the tools of the trade.

Kirk and Burgess are donating 100 percent of the proceeds of ticket sales to a cause that is as compelling as the play itself. John Lasiter’s participation in the Into Africa mission trip, will take him to work in an orphanage with children who have HIV/AIDS and who have lost their parents to AIDS.

Burgess said, “It has always been a dream of mine to do mission work in Africa.” He has been working with the HIV/AIDS population in Middle Tennessee through Nashville CARES for the last two years. Additional donations will be accepted at the door.

The production features Will Butler, Burgess, Francine Berk, Samantha Rogers, Chuck Long, Angela Gimlin, Matt Smith, Amanda Smith, Josh Stutts, Kory James Holden and Kelsey Wilsher. Donald Powell lends his expertise as producer and has helped Kirk and Burgess to assemble the production team.
Performances will take place at 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, Aug. 16-18. An additional matinee performance will on Saturday at 2 p.m. The production will be presented at the Darkhorse Theater, 4610 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, TN 37209. Tickets are $10 cash at the door, and reservations can be made by calling (615) 942-6211, or by email at

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