In conjunction with the Week of Prayer for the Healing of HIV/AIDS and for the National Day for HIV Awareness among Women/Girls, Nashville CARES announces these events for the week of March 4 through 10: Women’s Conference on Prevention Today: Testing, the DL and what you can do?, programs addressing Women and Substance Abuse throughout the week, Survivor Club Youth Training at Stratford High School, Sisters United Meeting, and the Greater Ebenezer AME Church HIV Awareness Forum. 
In Middle Tennessee one in four new infections is among women. Since 1991 infections in women/girls has tripled, minority women/girls make up more than three quarters of new local infections among women, and most women are infected through heterosexual sex. In 2002 HIV/AIDS was the leading cause of death among African American women 25 to 34. Locally, Nashville CARES empowers women through educational skills building, communication support, and free, confidential HIV testing services, as well as opportunities for women to mobilize against HIV/AIDS.
What can you do? Nashville CARES Education Director Patrick Luther makes these suggestions:  “Getting tested every year is now as routine as cholesterol and diabetes screening, get tested for HIV.  It is important to communicate about HIV with every partner, every child and every relative women have. Get medical care and support if you’re living with HIV, effective treatments only work if you access them.  Educate yourself and others about HIV/AIDS and talk openly and honestly about prevention and treatment which will help end the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.  Volunteer at a local HIV/AIDS organization, get involved in clinical treatment and vaccine trials – your community will thank you!  Prayer is powerful. Don’t stop there. Change happens when individuals take action.”
Now in its 21st year of operation, Nashville CARES remains Middle Tennessee’s leading nonprofit AIDS education and service agency. They educate the community for increased understanding and prevention of HIV transmission, advocate for responsible public policy, and provide services that improve the quality of life for people with HIV/AIDS and their families.  For more information regarding Nashville CARES and their upcoming events, please visit their Web site at or directly at 615-259-4866.

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