The Music City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a 501c3 Charitable Organization, is proud to announce the return of H8’s A DRAG!  Mark your calendars for April 11 through 13, 2014. Now in its third year, H8’s A DRAG 2014 will bring another season of anti-bullying support, awareness and education for at-risk LGBTQI Youth and community. 

This year’s theme, H8’s a DRAG: Love TRANSforms Fear places focus on transphobia, bullying, suicide and hate crimes in our Trans community. Several of our favorite Drag Entertainers will return for an evening of entertainment and philanthropy!  Stay tuned for another stellar lineup of generous performers–local and celebrity as well as amateur, who donate their booking fee and tips for the cause.  2012 brought RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 winner Raja followed by 2013, the large and in charge Latrice Royale.  Who will it be this year?

Launching the H8’s a DRAG 2014 WILD CARD AUDITIONS!

The 2014 H8’s a DRAG season begins with a special contest for up and coming talent! Last year, the Local Revue brought many talented contestants.  Last year’s winner, our very own Vanity, is now on the Sunday Cast at PLAY’s DP House Party!  Imagine what could be in store this year?

The Music City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in partnership with Canvas Lounge is excited to present the H8’s a DRAG 2014 Wild Card Auditions—a talent search for amateur drag performers beginning with a call for submissions on February 6, and culminating with the LIVE! FINALS on April 3, 2014. 

The Wild Card Auditions are open to all drag performers (queen, king, diva, GQ, etc.). Both nights, a panel of judges will be rating the performers. On the night of the Auditions, judges’ scores and critiques will be used to determine the top 6-8 performers that will move on to the finals during the Local Revue.

A Trilogy of Sister Nights!  

Every first Thursday of the month the Music City Sisters gather at Canvas Lounge for an early evening of entertainment, outreach, and fundraising. Starting February 6, Sister Night will set aside a portion of the evening for the H8’s a DRAG Wild Card Auditions.

Here is how to participate!

WHERE:  Canvas Lounge, 1707 Church Street, Nashville TN

WHEN:   7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

February 6:  Launch! 

March 6:  Deadline to submit video audition, and application, and entrance fee.

1) Record a video

  • tell us why you want to participate in H8’s a Drag 2014—show us your drag closet!  Tell us a beautiful story –make it fun!
  • include a performance that will show us your chops! (Maximum of 5 minutes.)
  • Submit your video

    • Preferred: Login to your own YouTube account and upload your video. Send the link along with your name to
    • Or: burn your video to a DVD.

2) Entry Fee

The entry fee is $10.00. Click here or the PayPal button on the upper right of the page to submit your entry fee, being sure to designate your payment as your entry fee. OR bring your payment to Sister Night on March 6 at Canvas Lounge. All entrants will receive a gift for simply entering. The Finalists will receive an additional prize.

3) Deliver Audition Materials

Bring the audition materials (or upload and share as described above) in an envelope with your contact info to Canvas Lounge, 1707 Church Street between 7 and 9 p.m. on March 6.

April 3:  LIVE! Finals.  


The top 6 – 8 performers will be chosen from the submissions received on March 6. They will be notified to prepare a number or two to be performed at Finals. The top performer and runner-up will be chosen by a panel of judges drawn from the community. The top performer earns the opportunity to perform at H8’s A DRAG on April 11 and STOMP H8 on April 12 along with the RuPauls Drag Race Headliner and cast of H8’s A DRAG 2014!  And that isn’t all!  Mac Prouductions has also confirmed that the winner will perform on the Nashville PRIDE 2014 stage! Thanks to the generous support and partnerships with Canvas Lounge and Performance Studios, these events are promised to be a huge success.

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