Have you ever wondered if the Disney princesses truly lived happily ever after once the credits roll? Well, Miss Jeanne’s Mystery Dinner Theatre answers those questions withOnce Upon a Crime—a hilarious (and murderous) twist on the traditional fairy tales.

Imagine Cinderella crooning Cee Lo’s mega-hit ”Forget You” or a Waffle House working, bourbon swilling Belle belting out Tammy Wynette’s classic “Stand by Your Man” and Miss Jeanne’s will have you end up redefining happily ever after. Even Snow White is a British tree hugger looking for her chi.

Once Upon a Crime follows Belle, Cinderella and Snow White as they prepare for the ultimate pageant. And this is no Donald Trump Miss America pageant, the victor takes home the ultimate prize: Prince Dashing’s hand in marriage.

Swoon. Close your eyes and picture a Disney prince. Now replace his face with Austin Powers, subtract 6 inches from his height and add a few pounds and you’re pretty close to envisioning why these princesses think he’s a catch. Well maybe not, but if your friends are 7 (or 6 depending on the day) dwarves, imaginary mice and Jim Beam, Prince Dashing is quite the catch.

It is called Miss Jeanne’s Mystery Theatre, so where is the mystery? You see, Snow White is murdered in the midst of the pageant which leads the audience to play detective and solve the who-dun-did-it. Could Belle have done it in a drunken stupor? Is Cinderella as innocent as she seems? Could Prince Dashing truly be Austin Powers and a spy in disguise whose orders were to snuff out Snow White? Or what about the Fairy Godfather?

Yes, you read that right. What would a twisted fairytale be without a Fairy Godfather? Decked out in a pink tutu and sans his magical wand, the Fairy Godfather steals the show … and wait until you hear him sing.

All of this entertainment plus dinner?  Guests can choose between BBQ chicken and an Italian spaghetti dinner with dessert and salad. While alcohol is not served, guests are encouraged to BYOB as Miss Jeanne’s has plenty of mixers and glassware to accommodate.

Warning: Don't expect to be passive. It’s quite an engaging (and different) way to spend a Saturday night. From the moment you walk in audience members are encouraged to engage and dress up. With plenty of wild and funky head gear, there's something for everyone from Elton John to a dunce. If you're lucky you may just end up dancing with Prince Dashing.

Reservations are required and can be made via phone at 615-902-9566. In addition to its regular programming Miss Jeanne’s is also hosting a monthly rainbow night. This month Rainbow night is hosted April 19 and includes choice between a a lemon chicken dinner and beef and chicken combo.

So what are you waiting for? There’s isn’t another show in town that boasts this level of comedy and camp. And you thought we'd tell you who-dun-did-it? All I can say is I promise your night will end up happily ever after.

For more information on Miss Jeanne's visit them online or 'like' them on Facebook.


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