Everyone's eternally favorite lesbian rocker has released the third single off her next album.

Iconic Grammy and Academy award winning singer/songwriter Melissa Etheridge has released “As Cool As You Try” off her upcoming album.

Filmed at Molly Malone’s in Los Angeles, the video was co-directed by Lisa Eaton and Ayesha Orange, and features Melissa going back to her roots with a live performance in a small venue with a smoky dive-bar ambience.

“The video is fun. The inspiration comes from my days long, long ago when I played in the bars so we wanted to capture that,” says Etheridge.

Not only was the director of the video a woman, Lisa Eaton, but so was the dance director (Ayesha Orange; Etheridge had dancers for the first time ever in one of her music videos) and the majority of the crew were also female.

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“As Cool As You Try” is one of nine tracks written by Etheridge in the late 1980s and early 1990s that never made the cut on one of her albums….until now. The time was finally right. Fans will finally get a deeper glimpse to who Melissa was then, when she releases One Way Out on September 17, 2021 via BMG.

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Etheridge is currently on the road and will be touring through fall in support of the new album which will include both new dates and rescheduled dates from 2020.

All tour dates and additional info can be found at MelissaEtheridge.com.

Pre-order One Way Out now.

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