Source: Why Marriage Matters Arizona – Oct. 10, 2014



Last night, lawyers in the case challenging Arizona’s marriage ban filed an urgent motion, calling on the judge to rule in favor of marriage equality in Arizona without delay.

Now that the 9th Circuit—which has jurisdiction over Arizona—has ruled favorably in Nevada and Idaho, Arizona’s marriage ban is legally indefensible. And Judge Sedwick agrees that the 9th Circuit ruling applies to the constitutionality Arizona’s marriage ban.

Filings from both sides are due no later than next Thursday, and once they’re in, the judge could rule on the freedom to marry in the Grand Canyon State.

But that’s not all. Yesterday, after Why Marriage Matters Arizona, same-sex couples and clergy delivered more than 5,000 petitions calling on the Attorney General to drop his defense of Arizona’s marriage ban, AG Tom Horne was quoted saying that his office was “weighing their options.”

This is a huge change from the same man who previously said he would never stop defending Arizona’s marriage ban—and proof that when we stand united, we can make our voices heard—and win.

If all goes well, Arizona could secure the freedom to marry as soon as next week. 

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