Warm your heart this weekend and celebrate your Valentine a little late by going to see The Sound Of Music at TPAC's Jackson Hall. 

If you suffered through the Carrie Underwood version a couple years ago, go see how the show is really supposed to be done. This cast, crew, and orchestra make for a night you will treasure. 

Everyone knows the classic tale of Maria, the young nun who is sent to live with the Von Trapp family. This telling is the same story we all know and love with the slightest variations for the stage. Performances by a talented cast of adults and children, this show is guaranteed to make you smile. 

The first act was nostalgic, going through the classics of Do, Re, Mi and The Lonely Goatherd. The second act was similarly so, but it hit a little close to home. The story of the country in shambles and Captain Von Trapp trying to decide whether to accept his commission to The Third Reich or flee the country was very timely. The friend who accompanied me to the show remarked to the use of 5 Nazi Flags during the classic talent show scene "All they would have to do to make this current is change the swastikas to letters; T-R-U-M-P."  

This company's Maria (Charlotte Maltby) started off a little stiff in the first song, but quickly warmed up and made the role her own. She was reminiscent of the kind of kindergarten teacher you would fight to get for your child. She gave the role a zany quality that made you love Maria just the slightest bit more, if that were possible. Her goofy charm made the audience fall in love. 

Captain Von Trapp (Ben Davis) played the role you remember, just a touch warmer. He seemed kinder in his scenes. His beard was more appropriate for a Navy man. He knew how to show his outrage a bit better than the original film, something I appreciated for the times in which we live. 

A note for costuming, the pink dress and shoes Baroness Schraeder wore in the second act clashed under the stage lights. It might be a good idea to change those shoes. It was a distraction from an otherwise flawless performance. 

One of the biggest triumphs of this show is the stage itself. The chandelier in the Von Trapp home is the prettiest chandelier I've seen outside of Phantom of the Opera. The movement of the panels to create the sets and switch scenes is effective and provides for transitions as smooth as silk. The actors know their marks and make the show look effortless. 

You can purchase tickets online, call the TPAC Box office at 615-782-4040, or visit the box office in person during regular business hours.





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