Need to record a demo really fast, or make a good-quality presentation DVD? MyStudio might be just the ticket.

The compact, fully loaded kiosk-style studio sits in the food court at Opry Mills, but its operators are quick to point out that it’s a lot more than a step-in karaoke venue.

“People can do whatever they want in here,” said Fred Legendre, manager. “They can bring their own CD or MP3, or upload that onto our website before they come in. We have backgrounds and styles for them to choose from, whether they’re recording music, doing a stand-up demo or a business presentation.”

The Nashville installation is the third from parent company Studio One Media, which has set up outposts in Phoenix, Ariz., and Los Angeles so far. Nashville was deemed a good fit because of the music demographic here, but also because the relatively low production cost of $20 for a five-minute session is a good fit for entertainment-related businesses and professionals as well, according to the company.

Here’s how it works: Create a profile on the MyStudio website, or at the studio itself. Then choose background, song, style and more to be loaded in advance. Once the recording’s done, a CD can be manufactured onsite, or the user can take a code card generated after the recording to augment and distribute the final product from his or her own computer.

“We have thousands of songs, including the whole EMI catalog,” Legendre said. “We’ll be getting EMI Nashville soon as well. And once they’re’ done, the user can send their demo, upload it to a website, put it on Facebook or YouTube, whatever they want to do. They also can order a DVD and have it in two days, and it’s all included in the price.”

The studio and related website also are home to multiple ongoing contests, so users can produce content for music, comedy and more and enter those to win trips and more.

“You record a video, go online, drag it into the contest section and start getting votes,” Legendre said. “We’re working on one right now that will be a cross-promotion with CMT, so we know we’ll get a lot of people coming out to record and get in on that one.”


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