Tennesseans will head to the polls March 1 to cast their primary ballots.

In advance of the big day, we asked local LGBT voters to offer their endorsements of the candidate they would be supporting. As the elections proceed and as momentum builds, we ask all members of our community of all parties to continue to share your views with our editors at editor@outandaboutnashville.com.

Who are you supporting in the Tennessee primary?


Hillary Clinton offers realistic and achievable plans for her economic proposals for financial reform. She stands for the rights of all working Americans with a vision that will allow everyone the opportunity for a real shot at their dreams.

You will find no other candidate that has done their homework on everything thrown her way, especially the malicious attacks from both sides that she has endeared with guts and grace. Clinton is the first woman with a real chance of winning the presidency, and if you say you don't trust her, then you ignore our culture on criticizing women in public life. Women that exude depth of experience and walk a unique path as a woman, like Hilary

She has proven herself repeatedly with her experiences and has more experience of any other candidate in modern history. Hillary Clinton is my choice and is my vision for a better America!

— Jeffery Humble



I wholeheartedly endorse and support Senator Bernie Sanders because he is the most authentic candidate in the field of candidates on either side and has the bold solutions our nation needs at this time. I know he will work hard for people of all classes and backgrounds.

I know his sixteen years as US Congressman and nine years as US Senator gives him the experience necessary to be President. As a gay man I was impressed by his public record of support for LGBTQ rights since 1972, before any other presidential candidate.

— Darrell Bouldin



Trump's getting my vote because I believe what he says. I believe he loves this country and want to see it be great again. I believe his global success is largely because he knows how to work with people. Call me crazy but I believe he could unify this country.

— Rusty Hackett (a/k/a Raquel Redd)



When Sen. Rubio announced his candidacy for President of the United States he ended by saying “Yesterday is over, and we are never going back.” This promise resonated with me.

The economy is fragile— wages are stagnant, the market continues to plummet and our national debt is soaring to $20 trillion. ISIS reminds us that world remains very dangerous, and we need a president that will defend our country, not apologize for it.

On social issues I don’t agree with Marco on everything, and I understand why younger voters would hesitate to support the Senator. But let me be clear, we are not single issue voters, and pandering to our emotions will NOT earn our support. The democrats falsely believe they have locked up the millennial vote. They are wrong. We don't want handouts we want hand ups. We don't want more free stuff we want more freedom.

Marco’s life story embodies the American story — a story that shows if you work hard you can go from being the son of an immigrant bar tender to a presidential candidate. I’m proud to support Sen. Rubio and I believe he is the best candidate to lead us into a new American century.

— Colten Kidwell


Who are you supporting in the March 1 Tennessee primary? Tell us in the comments below or email editor@outandaboutnashville.com





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