The gay dance floor has suffered hard times these past few years. Increased club entrance fees, decreased attendance (thanks to Manhunt and, most recently, Grindr), and the death of the circuit DJ are all to blame. But when longtime dance fave Kristine W released her latest album, and it was jazz, it became clear something needed to be done. The gay dance floor is nothing without a reigning diva. Before hammering the final nail into the dance floor coffin, it’s time to elect a new queen. Here are ladies to consider:
Kaci Battaglia
The DJ spins the beats. What’s the diva’s job on the dance floor?

My goal is getting people to be happy despite what they may be going through. I aim to create an environment where we can laugh at and enjoy our differences. Life is too short not to love it while we are here. It's my job to remind people of that!
Does the dance floor reflect the struggles of the world?
It is especially important in times of struggle, when issues can be dividing, that the dance floor be a place that brings people together. Dancing and having a great time with others is healing. It can create more understanding, and that is what I think the dance floor is currently reflecting.
How do you feel about divas using the dance floor as a podium to make their voices heard on social issues?
I think it's great! At the end of the day, music is art, and art is about expression. Plus, I'm a sucker for a song with a positive message.
Why is your music resonating with today’s club scene?
My music resonates because it celebrates the passions of life in a way that empowers people and makes them feel good.
What message do you have for your gay fans?
I love you guys! You so are amazing. I can't wait to party with you!
Editor's Note: Kaci Battaglia will be appearing with Erika Jayne at Harrah's VooDoo Lounge on February 3. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster
Do you encourage your fans to take their problems to the dance floor?
It's hard to hang on if you don't let go every now and then. Releasing your problems to the dance floor is good for the soul.
Is the dance floor impacted by the world issues?
The dance floor has helped make strides towards social acceptance and equality. From artists like Michael Jackson and Madonna, there are huge milestones in the dance world that mirror the social changes of each passing era.
Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R” tackles gay teen bullying. How do you feel about artists using the dance floor as a podium to make their voices heard on social issues?
The most beautiful thing about music and creative expression is that songs can be carefree, sexual and playful; or they can be thought-provoking and dark. Expression should never be tamed or censored.
Why is your music resonating with today’s club scene?
My music is all about passion. I want to light a fire in my listener’s soul every time my words pour through the speakers.
What message do you have for your gay fans?
I love you. So much. Stay beautiful, you gorgeous men!
Josie Cotton
You first began playing dance floors in the 80s. Why do you think dance floors remain popular?
People have always needed different forms of escape from the banality of the world and the turmoil around us. It serves a function.
Does the dance floor reflect what’s going on in the world?
It seems to me that it doesn't and shouldn't. It's more about love and romance and keeping the party going. It's a bacchanalia not a Greek tragedy!
How do you feel about divas using the dance floor as a podium to make their voices heard on social issues?
I find it terribly corny and boring.
Why is Johnny R U Queer resonating with today’s club scene?
It's a great song! It says something without saying it.
What message do you have for your gay fans?
Keep rockin' in the free world, boys!
Kimberly Davis
You’re obviously a fan of the celebratory anthem.
Twist of Love is the perfect follow-up to my last club hit because where Get Up was about partying and enjoying life, Twist of Love celebrates the body, mind and soul around that crazy little thing called love.
Have you ever experienced a Twist of Love?

I have definitely experienced a twist of love one or twice… and that’s all I’m gonna say about that!
How does your twist compare with Chubby Checker’s The Twist and Let’s Twist Again?
My twist track is for the twenty first century!
One thing all of your dance songs have in common is they encourage people to move.
It is important that people get out there on the dance for and express exactly how they feel. I love to see people dancing to my tracks and experience a sense of freedom and unity. That’s what club music is all about.
Why are independent dance music labels vital for today’s dance community?
In so many ways, they are more in touch with what is happening than the majors. My producers, Peter McLean and Keith Kemper, know the music, the DJs, the promoters, the clubs and the people that go to the clubs to appreciate dance music. Fans should definitely get out there and support smaller labels so they can continue to grow and create the great dance music we love.
What message do you have for your gay fans?
Anyone have extra glitter I can borrow?
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