By Ben Bolling
Staff Writer

Lambda Car Club International, a social organization for gay and lesbian auto enthusiasts, recently arrived in Nashville with the chartering of the Music City Car Club chapter.  

Founded in New York City in 1981 as the "Gay Old Car Owners Society," Lambda Car Club International (LCCI) has since grown to include 28 local chapters and more than 2,100 members nationwide. 

Until recently, Middle Tennessee was part of the Atlanta-based Dogwood Region, which includes hundreds of members in Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas and northern Florida. But according to Nashville resident Robert Group, the wide reach of the Dogwood chapter was not always convenient for all of its members.

“Logistically, a lot of people don’t want to drive more than two hours for a monthly event, especially in an old car,” he said. 

So along with a handful of other local auto hobbyists, Group formed the Music City Car Club. Membership steadily increased as word of the club spread and Group hopes that eventually the chapter will include 50 to 100 members throughout Middle Tennessee.

With its monthly events, the Music City Car Club offers car lovers a wide range of social, support and networking opportunities. Informational clinics, potluck gatherings and cruises to area restaurants, museums and attractions are just a few of the prospective events on the club’s docket.  

Basic LCCI membership is $33 annually and dues for the Music City chapter are $5 per year. Lambda membership includes a subscription to the award-winning national newsletter "The Driveshaft." This bi-monthly publication serves as the primary informational tie between local chapters. Participants also receive an annual directory of all LCCI members to help locate resources and support concerning virtually any car-related topic. LCCI also hosts an annual meeting of its members, the Grand International Invitational, in a different region each year. 

Prospective participants need not be serious gear heads or ambitious collectors to join Lambda. In fact, not all members own collectible cars. 

“Some people are serious collectors, but some collect models or are interested in car-related literature. I’ve found that the group is just a great way for gay people with an interest in cars to make friends who share that interest,” said Group. “As long as you have an interest in cars, you can join the Music City Car Club.” 

For more information on Lambda Car Club International visit For information on the Music City Car Club chapter call founder Robert Group at 615-730-6618 or visit

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