Jon Powell of the Kansas Equality Coalition (KEC) has issued this Action Alert regarding the Kansas House Bill 2260, otherwise known as "The Religious Preservation Act", to enshrine discrimination in Kansas.
This bill is nothing more than what the Kansas Equality Coalition calls a "Hate Bill." It will threaten the rights of LGBT Kansans in enacted. The following message was sent out by the KEC and shows you how you can take action to make your opinions known that this bill should not pass in the judiciary. Here is the KEC's message:

"As you all know, Manhattan, Kansas recently passed an amended human rights ordinance that will add sexual orientation and gender identity language to the existing anti-discrimination ordinance.
In response to this ordinance, House Bill No. 2260 was presented to the House Judiciary Committee in Topeka the next day.
This Bill would allow individuals to discriminate against members of protected classes not included in the state statute, so long as the individual can claim that such discrimination is a protected religious belief.
They call it the Religious Preservation Act. EVERY CURRENT GLBT NON DISCRIMINATION ordinance in KANSAS will be in JEOPARDY if this Bill is allowed to pass- including LAWRENCE, MANHATTAN AND TOPEKA!!
Currently, Kansas law allows discrimination against the LGBT community. By that I mean, discrimination is legal only because there is no law against it and they continuously deny adding sexual orientation perceived or otherwise and gender identity to the list of protected classes.
Passing House Bill No. 2260 would make such discrimination a protected legal right for those who felt it placed an undue burden on them and their religious beliefs.
Kansans do not support hatred. But this bill has gotten virtually NO media coverage. Unless we speak up now, we will be known as the state that made discrimination a legally protected right in the name of RELIGION.
Prior to moving forward, the Hate Bill must be approved by the House Judiciary Committee in Topeka. LET'S STOP IT IN ITS TRACKS!! Here is where YOU CAN HELP!!
Below, you will find a list of the members of the House Judiciary Committee and their respective contact information.
The people who support the Hate Bill are calling, emailing and visiting these politicians, lobbying against equal rights. Hatred is highly motivating.
So get up, GET ON THE PHONE, GET ON EMAIL and go visit the politicians that are listed below. SHARE THIS WITH ALL YOUR LIKE MINDED FRIENDS!!
Tell the Legislators listed below that as Kansans YOU do not support hatred!! We love all Kansans, regardless of their race, nationality, gender, creed, religion, handicap, age, sexual orientation or gender identity."
Jon Powell
Kansas Equality Coalition

House Judiciary Members Business Contact Information
Lance Kinzer
C 785-296-7692
H 913-829-6404
Joe Patton
C 785-296-7693
H 785-267-0116
Janice Pauls
C 785-296-7657
H 620-663-8961
Steve Alford
C 785-296-7696
H 620-356-1361
Benny Boman
C 785-296-7690
H 316-945-0771
Bob Brookens
C 785-296-7636
H 620-382-3556
Rob Bruchman
Overland Park
C 785-296-7644
H 913-709-0766
Dan Collins
C 785-296-7699
H 785-434-2283
Pat Colloton
C 785-296-7631
H 913-339-9246
Mitch Holmes
St John
C 785-296-7631
H 620-234-5834
Leslie Osterman
C 785-296-7659
H 316-269-2640
John Rubin
C 785-296-7690
H 913-962-4295
Greg Smith
Overland Park
C 785-296-7665
H 913-383-1574
Gene Suellentrop
C 785-296-7680
H 316-260-3663
Annie Kuether
C 785-296-7669
H 785-232-0717
Jim Kelly
C 785-296-6014
H 620-331-7874
Jim Ward
C 785-296-7697
H 316-683-3609
Annie Tietze
C 785-296-7648
H 785-273-5296
Ponka-We Victors
C 785-296-7651
H 316-573-6247
Melanie Meier
C 785-296-7668
H 913-682-1512
Ronald Ryckman
C 785-296-7644
H 620-873-5273

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