JHUD offers fans a look and the artists behind the music

By David-Elijah Nahmod

Of all the celebrities interviewed by Echo, it was Jennifer Hudson – and Hudson alone – who ended our short but sweet phone chat with the words "nice talking to you."

We admit that we were a little nervous about talking to the world famous Oscar-winning pop star. "And that's OK," she said cheerfully.

With one of the most powerful voices to emerge in the 21st Century, Jennifer Hudson is quite the diva on stage. But offstage, she's just a nice, regular girl who loves what she does.

Jennifer Hudson dropped JHUD, her third album, Sept. 23

Hudson spoke to Echo in the days leading up to the release of hew new album, JHud, which was released Sept. 23.

Echo: How do you maintain the power and strength in your voice?

Hudson: I wish I could tell you that I do something for it, but I really don't have a regimen, my voice has always been that way. It's a muscle. I do keep a humidifier around.

Echo: How did it feel to win an Oscar, or any of the other 30-plus awards you've one?

Hudson: These things are still a thrill to this day. I’ve already made it so far, I would never have thought I'd win. It's a lot to take in.

Echo: People think you're a diva, true or false?

Hudson: People think, “she's so serious!” I'm not like that! I'm human first, a person. I like people to feel comfortable around me. I'm not an Oscar; I'm a person.

Echo: How did it feel to sing with your childhood idol Patti Labelle [at the GLAAD Media Awards]?

Hudson: I will never forget it. I was presenting, she starting to sing, then she gave the mic back to me. Oh God, those moments are so special. I grew up on Patti, and on Aretha Franklin, so to be able to sing with them, wow! This is too much!

Echo: You always look so happy on stage and in interviews. You get a lot of joy out of your work, don't you?

Hudson: I do! It's such a pleasure to be able to do what I do. I love to be able to meet the people I love and too work with them. Pressure comes with it, it stresses you out, but you do it because you love it.

Echo: What do you hope to convey to your audience with JHud?

Hudson: To be me, I wanted to express myself musically. To show my artistry, my growth. It's the overall experience of who I am. Come celebrate with me. –E

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