You can taste that warm weather, it’s so close! What better way to celebrate than to head to the famous White Party from April 9 to April 12 in Palm Springs, Calif.

This year’s electric party has the biggest lineup of international DJs and hottest new performers, including chart topper Ke$ha and Swedish sensation Agnes. Spinning the nights away will be the Freemasons, Moto Blanco and more! With daily pool parties, tea dances, and after parties, it seems impossible not to have a blast.

The White Party Palm Springs is an internationally known gay weekend party that was created by Jeffrey Sanker, a famous party producer and promoter based in Los Angeles. He has thrown parties for Keith Haring, Calvin Klein and even Madonna. His weekly parties in L.A. at clubs 11, here and Voyeur bring in the hottest gay crowds. If there is a hot gay event happening in LA, Palm Springs or even Vegas, Jeffrey Sanker is most likely involved! Here’s what he had to say in a recent interview.
How did you come up with the idea for the White Party?
Well, I wanted to get people out of the clubs and into doing something fun outside of Los Angeles. It’s sort of like summer camp for gay boys.
What is your ultimate goal when planning it?
Oh, well, to make people have a good time and bring people from all over the world together.
What’s your emotional state the weekend of the event? I’m sure it’s crazy!
Well, it’s hectic but controlled chaos. I have about 300 people that work for me, so that helps a lot. We get over 20,000 people that come from all over the world. We have a lot this year coming from Australia, London and Vancouver. We’re getting a huge international following because of the Freemasons and Moto Blanco (DJs). Then with Ke$ha performing, a lot of people want to see her.
During this or any of your events, can we find you on the dance floor or are you behind the scenes?
Well, not in the middle of the floor (laughs). It’s not really my time to have fun. It’s a time to work, but all my friends are out there.
How do you balance your parties to attract the new young gay boys and still appease the older gay men who have been there prior years?
I like to bring in young new artists like Ke$ha and Agnes. So these new and young performers and DJs attract the younger people, and I think the stable of circuit DJs like Manny Lehman and Tony Moran attract the older crowds.
The White Party is known worldwide and is very popular. With all of those big-name artists, and prior performers like Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez, do you even need to ask for them to perform anymore or do they come to you?
I’d say it’s about 50/50. Agnes came to us to perform, but for Ke$ha, we had to search her out. And you know, nobody’s doing it for free (laughs).
There are obviously thousands of hot young muscle boys, as we’ve all seen in pictures and videos. Is there actually more of a diverse crowd that attends?
Yes, there really is a diverse crowd. There are all ages! There are even a lot of people who live in Palm Springs who are retired who come out. It’s a big, diverse crowd.
You produce and promote more than just the White Party. Do you ever find yourself wearing thin?
Yeah, I think everyone runs a little thin. I produce a lot of events, but I have a great staff that works for me. I try to put myself out there as much as I can.
Are you working on anything new?
Oh, well, we’re going to start a new Gay Pride party out here [in Los Angeles> and I’m starting gay roller skating at the Hollywood Palladium. You know, something different and retro.
Do you ever have time for a love life?
Well, I’m always in search of true love.
Does any of the money raised from your events go to charity?
It does! We’re donating a bunch of money this year to the Trevor Project (a crisis helpline for gay and questioning youth), and then we’re doing a fundraiser for the openly gay mayor of Palm Springs, who is running for Congress, and donating money for his campaign.
What would you say to someone who wasn’t sure about going to the White Party?
They should try it. The best thing about the White Party is the diverse crowd. It’s really not what you think it is. It’s just like summer camp for gay boys. You never have to worry about anything. Everyone has open arms!

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