One of the most important factors when selling a home is the first impression a buyer gets. With spring here, it is a great time to make that home pop. It’s an optimistic time, looking forward to the great things to do over the upcoming summer. Whether selling or not, adding color to your front yard provides wow factor.


Whenever you spend money on your house, set a budget. Decide what you are trying to achieve, research the project, and know what you are comfortable spending. If you break the bank, then you won’t have the money you may need to work on other projects that will also improve the value of your home. Even if you’re not selling, though, sprucing up the yard is one thing you can do to make you proud every time you arrive.

Hiring a landscaper sounds expensive, and it can be. However, you can save money and achieve the look you want through a simple consultation with one. If you have the budget, outsourcing the entire yardscape may be the best solution for you. A good landscaper can help you build a plan based on what you would like to see. Find images on the web that inspire you, so you can articulate your wants to the professional. They can put things together in a way that pulls the pieces together into a masterpiece.

If you have foliage around your home already, walk around to see how it’s growing. When a tree is planted too close to the home, it can allow pests to access your roof. The last thing you want is a raccoon in your attic—yes, it happens. Keep the branches trimmed so they don’t hang over your rooftop. Even better, make sure you don’t put big plants and trees very close to your home. Beware of vines, especially those growing on a side of your home you cannot see: they can grow into your home.

You should also trim down any tall bushes that block the front façade of your home. Landscape should highlight your home, making it look better to everyone, including future buyers, not block its view.

Flower beds with short and medium height flora work well nearest to the house. A good mix of texture, plant type, and color is the goal. The best time to plant bulb perennials is in the fall, so what can you do in the spring? Add color! Annuals, such as pansies, geraniums, dahlias, cosmos, and black eyed susans, are great choices, and some of these come in a variety of colors.

I like herbs such as thyme, basil, rosemary, and lavender near the entrance to our home. These plants provide a good aroma as buyers approach the front door, giving a positive vibe right away. Lilyturf (liriope), hostas, and plantain lilies are great for lining your driveway and sidewalks.

Flowering trees in your yard help. Good ones for our zone are redbuds, crepe myrtles, dogwoods, cherry trees, japanese maple, crabapple, and magnolia trees. With these in your yard, you can add spot lighting which makes a gorgeous exterior.

Not only is an attractive yard beneficial for selling your home, it also looks great to your neighbors, which can encourage them to make improvements too. Most of us feel the need to “keep up with the Joneses,” which can make the whole neighborhood more beautiful.

If you are able to address the backyard too, this is a great time to add a spark. You may add a firepit, paved walkways, or a garden—perhaps even a pool. No matter your yardscape, a lot of color will go a long way, making your home look like the oasis a buyer wants, or a haven for you to enjoy all summer long, a great spot for a cold tea or a cocktail enjoyed with friends.

If you are selling, remember that first impressions are as important as they are for job interviews or first dates—they can make or break you, so be the best you can be.


Emily Benedict is a Realtor working with buyers, sellers, investors, and developers throughout Middle Tennessee. CLICK HERE for more by Emily!



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