By KJ Philp, March 26, 2015. Meet the other winners here.

Ismael Ramirez also holds Mr Gay AZ USofA 2011 and 2013 and Mr Gay Westcoast USofA 2012 titles. Photo courtesy of Ismael Ramirez.

Echo: What does being crowned Arizona Entertainer of the Year 2015 mean to you?

Ramirez: That I still have it (lol). It means I learned to step out of my box and do things I wouldn't normally do.

Echo: Describe your style as an entertainer, who are your inspirations?

Ramirez: I'm a dancer who ranges from Latin music to hip-hop and acting. My inspiration is the audience.

Echo: Any message you'd like to extend to all involved in AZEOY?

Ramirez: Shout out to both my sons, Cruz Carter and Roman Holiday, my mother who help me out and to my beautiful boyfriend, love you AJ B.

Echo: What was your favorite category and why?

Ramirez: Presentation is my favorite because you have to catch [the judges] attention in such short time.

Echo: Everyone loves talent; tell me about your performance:

Ramirez: Made Pinocchio come to life and had him dancing and acting.

Echo: What specific measures did you take to prepare for this pageant?

Ramirez: I made sure what I did was creative.

Echo: Do you think co-ed pageants offer audiences something better/different? Why?

Ramirez: Yes, different styles for different audiences.

Echo: Biggest lesson you learned through this experience?

Ramirez: Don't leave things for last minute.

Echo: Any advice for entertainers just starting out?

Ramirez: Find yourself, and what you're good at, and run with it.


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