After two successful years of entertaining the greater Nashville area with intoxicated words of The Bard, Inebriated Shakespeare is back with A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Catch Inebriated Shakespeare’s debut performance for the season on New Years Eve at the Music Valley Event Center, located at 2416 Music Valley Drive. The performance will be part of the venue’s New Years Eve celebration that will also include burlesque numbers from Radical Arts Theatre. Doors open at 8 PM with Inebriated Shakespeare taking the stage at 9 PM. After the performance, actors from Inebriated Shakespeare will hang around to count down to the New Year and party with patrons. Tickets are only $5 for a full night of entertainment. Tickets available by calling 615-902-9566 or can be purchased at the door. Beer and wine will be available for sale along with snacks and other concessions.

Performing in venues, bars and clubs around Music City, Wild Card Production’s Inebriated Shakespeare incorporates an abbreviated version of a William Shakespeare play with some adult beverages thrown in. The audience can purchase shots, which are a $5 donation (per shot) to the non-profit theatre company, and it helps the actors become inebriated. Those attending shows are encouraged to bring cash for the shots.

Inebriated Shakespeare incorporates two casts of eight actors who do their best to execute the classic comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Because two casts perform the show throughout the area, you can attend a performance and it won’t be the same as the next. Performing on New Years Eve is the company’s Cast B.

Due to popular demand, the company will also be bringing back their production of Much Ado About Nothing in February with the debut performance on February 24th at the Music Valley Event Center. For tickets and information regarding any of the Inebriated Shakespeare shows, check out their website at

Performing in this season of Inebriated Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Cast A is Daniel Morgan as Demetrius/Flute, Asa Ambrister as Titania/Hippolyta, Caitlin Brockell as Helena/Fairy #2, Aevar Jonsson as Puck/Egeus, Alex White as Bottom/Fairy Child, Catherine Glidwell as Hermia/Quince, Jarvis Bynum as Oberon/Theseus and Scotty Phillips as Lysander/Fairy #1.

In Cast B is Taylor James Foster as Bottom/Fairy Child, Ryan Dillinger as Puck/Egeus, Shalisha Brace as Hermia/Quince, Angela Gimlin as Helena/Fairy #2, Mackenzie Smith as Oberon/Theseus, Preston Perrin as Demetrius/Flute, Evan Grabenstein as Lysander/Fairy #1, and Zach Parker as Titania/Hippolyta.

The Much Ado About Nothing cast includes Glidwell as Beatrice, dual cast Bynum and Jonsson as Benedick/Borachio, Gimlin as Hero/Verges, Dillinger as Margaret/Sexton, Morgan as Don John/Friar, Perrin as Claudio/Dogberry, Parker as Don Pedro and dual cast as Leonato/Guard is Grabenstein and Ambrister.



Photo: Preston Perrin as Demetrius and Evan Grabenstein as Lysander in Inebriated Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Photo courtesy of Joska Photography.





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